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Cougar Research

A selection of documentation and abstracts about the cougar.

Download Fox and Bekoff Animals

Fox and Bekoff Animals - 217.5KB
Few animals provoke as wide a range of emotions as wolves. Some see wolves as icons of a lost wilderness; others see them as intruders. As the battle continues between wolf proponents and opponents, finding solutions that resolve conflicts while supporting the integrity of nature is challenging.

Proceedings of the 9th Mountain Lion Workshop, Sun Valley, ID

Download 9th Mountain Lion Workshop

9th Mountain Lion Workshop - 5.4MB
9th Mountain Lion Workshop, Proceedings, Abstracts, Agenda

Sink Populations in Carnivore Management: Cougar Demography and Immigration in a Hunted Population

Download Research Robinson et al 2008

Research Robinson et al 2008 - 262.1KB
Robinson et all on Sink/ Source Populations

Cougar Exploitation Levels in Utah: Implications for Demographic Structure,Population Recovery, and Metapopulation Dynamics
This research funded in part through a grant from the Cougar Fund

Download Research Stoner et al 2006

Research Stoner et al 2006 - 520.2KB
Stoner et al 2006

Evaluation of Cougar Population Estimators in Utah
This research funded in part through a grant from the Cougar Fund

Download Research Choate et al 2006

Research Choate et al 2006 - 480.2KB
Choate et al 2006

Long-Distance Dispersal of a Female Cougar in a Basin and Range Landscape

Download Research Stoner et al 2008

Research Stoner et al 2008 - 1.9MB
Stoner et al 2008

Cougar Prey Selection in a White-Tailed Deer and Mule Deer Community

Download Research Cooley et al 2009_Cougar_Prey_Selection

Research Cooley et al 2009_Cougar_Prey_Selection - 292.1KB
Cooley et al Cougar Prey Selection

Cougar Population Dynamics and Viability in the Pacific Northwest

Download Research Lambert et al

Research Lambert et al - 217.4KB
Lambert et al