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The following is exerpted from the Montana Mountain Lion Status Report provided by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks at the 10th Mountain Lion Workshop in 2011 (click here for the workshop packet in its entirety; this status report is found on page 14):

"Montana has a goal of maintaining a reasoned diversity of mountain lion objectives across Montana's different habitats and associated tolerance levels for mountain lions. Fundamentally, different mountain lion objectives are primarily achieved through adjusted female harvest. A spectrum of lion habitat and human tolerance for mountain lions runs in a 'decreasing' continuum from west to east.... While management objectives often vary across these physical and human landscapes, fundamental management strategies relative to female harvest do not. That is, higher or lower mountain lion objectives are commonly achieved through higher or lower female lion harvest.

"In addition to the varying objectives influenced by diverse habitats and other landscape features, population status also influences female lion harvest....Management questions of prey amounts and wolf interactions are also present in some cases..."