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The following individuals and groups contributed toward the creation of the Cougar Fund's web presence.

Cougar Photography & Video

All cougars depicted in photos on this site are of wild, not captive, cougars. The following have contributed cougar photos to this project:

Tom Mangelsen

Cara Blessley Lowe

Gary Koehler

Roslyn-Cle Elum Middle School

Cougar Fund Staff

The Cougar Fund staff who worked on this project included:

Sara Carlson, Director of Programs and Operations

Emorie Broemel, Communications and Administrative Coordinator

Content Strategy, Web Design and Development:

This project was produced by Fusionspark Media, Inc., and included the participation and efforts of the following:

Russell Sparkman, Executive Producer/Videographer

Kevin Sparkman, Assoc. Producer

Jack Penland, Producer/Video Editor

Roger Los, Design and Programming

Noriko Sparkman, CMS Support

Trevor Hein, Intern

Eric Bendick, Video Producer

Additional Input and Support

The Cougar Fund Board of Directors

Images of Nature Staff

Sue Cedarholm