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Identifying a Cougar

A fortunate few catch a glimpse of a cougar, or what they think is a cougar. If you are wondering if you have seen a mountain lion...

Image of Bridge - cougar paw print in snow

Learn how to correctly identify a cougar in your area.

Cougars are elusive animals that typically avoid contact with humans and even other cougars.

Nevertheless, correctly identifying a cougar in your area can keep both you and the cougar safe.

Below are a few links that can help you understand key characteristics of a cougar:

If you have specific questions about a cougar sighting in your area, please contact the local authorities.

The Cougar Fund proudly provides further educational opportunties in the hopes of increasing the public's awareness of cougars. Please click here for an in-depth look at our Cougar Posse program, and here for information on living in cougar country.