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January 4, 2013- Dr. John Laundré to speak in Jackson Hole

November 27, 2012- Fall newsletter and photo by James Yule

September 7, 2012- They are killing kittens

July 24, 2012- Cougar talks in Colorado

June 11, 2012- Comment on proposed unlimited hunt quota in NE Wyoming

June 1, 2012- Stop the Slaughter in Northeast Wyoming

May 11, 2012- Help Cougars in Northeast Wyoming

April 11, 2012- Cougars in the news, Mother's Day Gift

February 24, 2012- Wyoming Game and Fish slams efforts to save cougar family, Legislative Updates

January 26, 2012- Two kittens imperilled by Wyoming Game and Fish

January 19, 2012- Action is needed to prevent cougar hunting in Nebraska

December 30, 2011- Cougars in the News and Happy New Year

December 9, 2011- Premiere of American Cougar

September 23, 2011- Board Member Jane Goodall Live

September 20, 2011- Survey to help cougars in Washington State

September 14, 2011- Anniversary Celebration Announcement

August 3, 2011- New Cougar Fund Staff

June 10, 2011- Upcoming Event, Cougar seen in Moose, WY

April 28. 2011- Cougar Sightings, Mangelsen Winner, Oregon Cougars Need Help

March 31, 2011- Help cougars in Oregon

March 16, 2011- Enter to win a Mangelsen Print