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Our Opinion Letters

Our opinion letters regarding various cougar related issues, including cougar conservation, cougar management, hunting and more.

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Mangelsen Letter to WYGF and Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team- Delisting Grizzlies

Thomas D. Mangelsen | 2013-07-03

Comments made to Wyoming Game and Fish Department commissioners and the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team on the proposed grizzly bear delisting, comparing the sport-hunting of grizzlies to that of cougars and wolves, and pointing out the lack of scientific data to support delisting.

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Recreational Hunting Redux: Cougar Fund OptsFor No Killing

Marc Bekoff | 2013-03-08

Killing cougars (and other animals) does not solve the "problems" for which they are blamed and should stop right now.

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Stop Killing Wildlife in Boulder

Marc Bekoff | 2012-08-31

Marc Bekoff speaks out against the recent killing of a cougar in Boulder.

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Hunt Area from which Cache Creek cougars were removed should be closed

Franz Camenzind, PhD | 2012-02-17

This opinion piece was submitted to the Jackson Hole News and Guide.

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WGFD says 'we could have shot them all'

Lisa Rullman, Development Director, The Cougar Fund | 2012-02-06

This piece was submitted to local and state newspapers February 6, 2012.

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New Mexico Letter October 2010

Sara Carlson | 2010-10-01

Download New Mexico Ltr. 1010

New Mexico Ltr. 1010 - 147.1KB
We highly recommend that quotas be maintained at the 2008/10 level of 490 and 126 for females.

South Dakota Comments on Draft Mgmt. Plan July 2010

Sara Carlson | 2010-07-26

Download South Dakota Comments July 2010

South Dakota Comments July 2010 - 158.8KB
On behalf of the Cougar Fund and our members, we present comments on the Draft South Dakota Mountain Lion Management Plan 2010-2015. The Cougar Fund, a national nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of the cougar throughout its present and historic range, works on behalf of its members to ensure that cougar management, as well as management of their prey, are always held to the highest standards of peer-reviewed science. In addition to educating the public about the many issues that surround cougars, we look to balance human interests with healthy cougar populations.

Wyoming Letter to Game & Fish June 22, 2010


Download WY 0610

WY 0610 - 172.6KB
On behalf of the Cougar Fund and our members, we present these comments on theproosed changes to the mountain lion regulations - chapter 42. We appreciate the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's (WGFD) efforts to assemble public meetings across the state to discuss and take comments on the proposed regulations, but we do believe the Department should have ensured that personnel knowledgeable about the entire state and state objectives should have attended each meeting in addition to local game officers. From our review of the proposed changes and "Statement of Reason", The Cougar Fund would like to provide several recommendations and comments.

Comments on Montana's 2010 Hunting Quotas

The Cougar Fund | 2010-05-12

Download 0510 MT comments

0510 MT comments - 170.4KB
We are extremely concerned to see an exceptionally high quota increase that is not evenly distributed across the state - specifically a 72% increase in Hunting Region 2. In addition, we believe that not including all mortalities in the quota increases the potential to substantially alter populations. Including all mortalities increases accountability on the part of the public, as well as the Department, and is becoming the trend in states that use progressive and modern management techniques.

Comments to WA RE: Pilot Cougar Program Amendments

The Cougar Fund | 2010-03-12

Download WA Cougar Pilot Program Amendments

WA Cougar Pilot Program Amendments - 22KB
As a public institution with an obligation to serve the public interest, WDFW’s claim that recreational hunting is an effective and necessary management to address human-safety, human-livestock or predator-prey imbalances is wrong when empirical data to support this claim is lacking. Long-term management of healthy populations ought to be the result of the Cougar Pilot Program, however we have found that this program is skewing cougar populations towards younger aged animals.

Nebraska HB747 Jan.27, 2010

Sara Carlson | 2010-01-26

Download Nebraska HB747 Jan.27, 2010

Nebraska HB747 Jan.27, 2010 - 184.2KB
Rather than creating a bill that would formalize what is essentially already allowed under state policy, we strongly urge the state to give farmers and ranchers the information and tools to protect their livestock.

Oregon, 9/10/08

Sara Carlson, Director of Programs & Operations | 2009-02-04

Download Oregon Letter Rep. Buckley 9/10/08

Oregon Letter Rep. Buckley 9/10/08 - 112.6KB
Commending Rep. Buckley's efforts to suspend Oregon’s current cougar management plan and practices in light of recent scientific findings in order to reach a new, and better standard for cougar management.

South Dakota, 2/2/09

Sara Carlson | 2009-02-06

Download South Dakota Letter 2/2/09

South Dakota Letter 2/2/09 - 140.8KB
Opposing HB 1004: An Act to provide for the killing of mountain lions under certain
circumstances and to provide for the disposition of such mountain lions

New Mexico, 9/23/08

Sara Carlson, Director of Programs & Operations | 2009-02-04

Download New Mexico Letter Commissioners 9/23/08

New Mexico Letter Commissioners 9/23/08 - 49.1KB
We support New Mexico's state Game and Fish’s proposed rule changes to the big game hunting rules for the 2009 and 2010 hunting rules. The agency’s proposed changes are not only reflective of current science, but also ensure progressive and adaptive management policies will be practiced
in New Mexico.

Indiana, 5/27/08

Emorie Broemel, Communications Coordinator | 2009-02-04

Download Indiana Letter 5/27/08

Indiana Letter 5/27/08 - 60.2KB
The Cougar Fund's comments on David Kitchell’s May 24 story about the possibility of increased cougar sightings in urban areas.

Arizona, 6/26/08

Sara Carlson, Director of Programs & Operations | 2009-02-04

Download Arizona-KOFA Letter 6/23/08

Arizona-KOFA Letter 6/23/08 - 99.9KB
RE: Development of an Environmental Assessment for a mountain lion
management plan on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona

Colorado, 9/7/08

Sara Carlson, Director of Programs & Operations | 2009-02-04

Download Colorado Letter Open Records Request 9/7/08

Colorado Letter Open Records Request 9/7/08 - 151.4KB
Pursuant to Colorado’s Open Records Act, The Cougar Fund
hereby requests that you make available for inspection any and all records, documents,
email communications, phone call records, meeting notes and/or minutes, reports or
photographs that were generated, modified, or acquired throughout the staff’s actions
with regards to the incident in Idledale, CO involving a cougar allegedly entering a
family home and killing their Labrador on August 4, 2008.

Washington, 8/8/08

Sara Carlson, Director of Programs & Operations | 2009-02-04

Download Washington State Commissioners Letter 9/8/08

Washington State Commissioners Letter 9/8/08 - 155.0KB
The Cougar Fund would like to state that we oppose the extension of the 2004
pilot project that allows for the use of dogs to hunt cougars in five northeastern Washington

New Mexico, 7/21/08

Sara Carlson, Director of Programs & Operations | 2009-02-04

Download New Mexico Letter Director 7/21/08

New Mexico Letter Director 7/21/08 - 88.1KB
The Cougar Fund would like to ask the state of New Mexico to re-evaluate the section of the Big Game Management plan regarding cougars.
The Cougar Fund fails to find scientific evidence that supports increasing harvest limits in section 29, 30 & 31.

South Dakota, 2/4/09

Emorie Broemel, Communications Coordinator | 2009-02-04

Download South Dakota Letter to Members 2/4/09

South Dakota Letter to Members 2/4/09 - 34.6KB
Appeal to Cougar Fund Members re: HB 1004