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Current and Archived news about cougars.

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Mangelsen Letter to WYGF and Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team- Delisting Grizzlies

Thomas D. Mangelsen | 2013-07-03

Comments made to Wyoming Game and Fish Department commissioners and the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team on the proposed grizzly bear delisting, comparing the sport-hunting of grizzlies to that of cougars and wolves, and pointing out the lack of scientific data to support delisting.

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Recreational Hunting Redux: Cougar Fund OptsFor No Killing

Marc Bekoff | 2013-03-08

Killing cougars (and other animals) does not solve the "problems" for which they are blamed and should stop right now.

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Study providing information on Missouri Breaks lions

Billings Gazette | 2013-02-07

This study is seeking information on lion movements within and possible dispersal between the Missouri River Breaks, Bears Paw and Little Rocky mountains; a description of their habitat use and selection; estimates of mortality rates and causes; and what proportion of cougar home ranges are within a wildlife refuge in northeastern Montana.

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On the Trail of the Ghost Cat

Anne Bolen | 2013-02-01

Researchers studying the elusive movements of cougars are learning that the cats' behavior may reflect changes in their habitat.

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Bill suggests alternative to killing cougars

Mark Noack, Half Moon Bay Review | 2013-01-31

Appalled that a pair of mountain lion cubs were killed in Half Moon Bay, state Sen. Jerry Hill announced Friday he would put forward legislation that gives state wardens an alternative to such lethal force.

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Traps catch lion, then ranger on Glacier Park boundary

Tristan Scott, Missoulian | 2013-01-30

A mountain lion caught recently in a wolf foothold trap set on the southwestern boundary of Glacier National Park was turned loose by state wildlife officials, but the National Park Service employee who discovered the animal and reported it to game wardens was caught the following day when he sprang a second trap in the same area.

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Nevada wildlife chief resigns at governor's request

Sandra Chereb, Associated Press | 2013-01-30

The director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife resigned abruptly Wednesday at the request of Gov. Brian Sandoval following months of pressure from representatives in rural Nevada over deer management and agency efforts to stave off federal protection for sage grouse.

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Hunt could thin growing mountain lion population

Brandon Nelson, Star Herald | 2013-01-29

Last year’s widespread wildfires and a growing mountain lion population throughout the American West could prompt the first Nebraskan cougar-hunting season.

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Wolf hunt is not just about numbers

Franz Camenzind | 2013-01-23

A look at why numbers don't tell the whole story of the impact of hunting predators.

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Nebraska hunters could be targeting mountain lions by next winter

David Hendee, World Herald | 2013-01-19

Despite an estimated small cougar population, Nebraska may allow cougar hunting beginning next winter.

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Jackson, WY- Cougar hunt quotas nearly met in 2 area

Mike Koshmrl- Jackson Hole News and Guide | 2013-01-16

Renewed use of hunting hounds cited for greater success in killing lions north of Jackson.

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Ecologist tracks the return of the cougar

Mike Koshmrl- Jackson Hole News and Guide | 2013-01-09

Read about Dr. John Laundré, his cougar studies, new book, and upcoming presentation in Jackson Hole.

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Mountain lion, black bear, wolf sightings on the rise in Missouri

Ryan Schussler | 2013-01-04

A Dec. 12 report of a mountain lion in DeKalb County capped off what has been a big year for mountain lion sightings in Missouri.

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Uncollared Florida Panther Seen Moving Kittens In National Wildlife Refuge For First Time Time Ever

HuffPost Miami | 2012-12-20

An uncollared Florida panther was caught on a trail camera moving her kittens. This is the first time this has ever been photographed.

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Wildlife groups criticize shooting of mountain lion cubs in Half Moon Bay

Aaron Kinney - Mercury News | 2012-12-05

The shooting of two mountain lion cubs has prompted an outcry from wildlife advocates and reignited a debate about balancing public safety with the welfare of the region's apex predator.

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Trail camera snaps cougar in central Illinois

St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 2012-10-30

This is only the fourth confirmed sighting of a cougar since the cats were driven from Illinois in the 1870s.

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Lion shot after wandering through western Rapid City neighborhood

Kevin Woster - Rapid City Journal | 2012-10-17

Rapid City police and state Game, Fish & Parks Department officers shoot cougar with shotgun three times before killing it.

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Failing the American Lion

Lynn Cullens, Tim Dunbar, Amy Rodrigues for Animal Welfare Institute Quarterly | 2012-10-01

The authors of this article discuss the persecution lions continue to face in many estern states, where they are still legally hunted despite great uncertainty as to their numbers and continued viability.

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Stop Killing Wildlife in Boulder

Marc Bekoff | 2012-08-31

Marc Bekoff speaks out against the recent killing of a cougar in Boulder.

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Mountain Lion Policies Creating More Problems

Dean Flage Radpid City Journal | 2012-08-18

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Officials investigate reports of mountain lion sightings

Jamestown Sun | 2012-07-12

While some reports of a possible mountain lion in the Jamestown area have been investigated by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, it appears most sightings that may have occurred in the last weeks have gone unreported, according to Rodd Compson, assistant wildlife biologist with Game and Fish in Jamestown.

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Cougar lurking near school shot dead

Vancouver Sun | 2012-07-11

A cougar believed responsible for the killing of two pet goats and a house cat was shot and killed Thursday 300 metres from a Maple Ridge elementary school.

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Spreading Wings of Hope

Spreading Wings of Hope

Drew Sterwald, Florida Gulf Coast University | 2012-07-01

FGCU’s award-winning panther education program going global- Cougar Posse!

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Dead lion killing tourism?

Dead lion killing tourism?

Kevin | 2012-06-24

Rapid City lost a tourist when police officers blasted a mountain lion in a parking lot near the downtown area just before 1 a.m. on June 15. Take the poll: Do you believe that shooting a mountain lion is the best way to handle one that wanders into a city?

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Hunting quotas for mountain lions on FWP agenda

Eve Byron | 2012-06-13

The proposal coming before the (Montana) commission would increase the number of lions that can be taken to 517, which is about 50 to 100 more than in the past few years.

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Four Cougars Seen in Missouri Came from Three States.

Jim Low | 2012-05-23

DNA shows that dispersing cougars that reached Missouri came from three different states.

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$2,000 reward offered in the case of the mutilated mountain lion

Los Angeles Times | 2012-04-25

The body of a mountain lion believed to have been hit by a vehicle in California was found with its front paws cut off.

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Meandering Missouri Mountain Lion Last Seen in Michigan

Char Garrison - River Front Times | 2012-04-19

A dispersing male cougar is on an impressive trek.

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Neb. lawmakers approve mountain lion hunting bill

USA Today | 2012-04-11

Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday that would allow for mountain lion hunting and create a state program that lets hunters donate deer meat to the hungry. Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday that would allow for mountain lion hunting and create a state program that lets hunters donate deer meat to the hungry. Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday that would allow for mountain lion hunting and create a state program that lets hunters donate deer meat to the hungry.

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Cougar-hunting bill gets 1st-round OK

Martha Stoddard - Omaha World-Herald | 2012-04-05

Bill would open Nebraska for cougar sport-hunting.

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Kids Learn Cougar Basics

Jackson Hole News and Guide | 2012-03-28

Cougar Fund's new program for 4th graders, Cougar Posse, which teaches about the importance of this apex species is up and running in Jackson, WY.

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Game and Fish should come clean on cougars

Thomas D. Mangelsen and Cara Blessley Lowe | 2012-03-14

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Residents: Close Cache Creek for Cougars

Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News and Guide | 2012-02-22

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Dog Chases Mountain Lion Up Los Altos Tree

Bob Redell, NBC Bay Area | 2012-02-21

The California Department of Fish and Game reported to an upscale home on La Barranca and Elena roads in Los Altos Tuesday morning to respond to the report of a mountain lion 30 to 40 feet up a tree.

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Panther Project: How we collar a Florida panther

Florida Fish and Wildlife - You Tube | 2012-02-21

Using ATVs or buggies, dogs with tracking devices, short wave radio communication and determination, the Florida Fish & Wildlife (FWC) Panther Project Team divides and sets out to catch and collar a Florida Panther.

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Fish and Game Commission chief slammed for killing mountain lion

Paul Rogers - San Jose Mercury News | 2012-02-17

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Cougar family deserved protection

Lisa Rullman, Casper Star Tribune | 2012-02-11

The rest of the story about the Cache Creek cougars.

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Bill would allow killing Missouri mountain lions

Justin Wingerter, CBS St. Louis | 2012-02-06

The Department of Conservation says Missouri has had 27 confirmed mountain lion sightings since 1994.

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Game and Fish releases mountain lions

Kelsey Dayton, Casper Star Tribune | 2012-02-04

Wyoming Game and Fish Department staff members released a mountain lion family in an undisclosed location between Lander and Rawlins on Friday.

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4th cougar kitten found

Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole Daily | 2012-02-03

Three kittens caught. Four cougars total. (Despite newspaper title.)

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3rd Cougar Kitten Found

Corey Hatch, Jackson Hole News and Guide | 2012-02-03

WY Game and Fish still plans to move cougar family far from its home range.

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Game and Fish fuels fear of cougars

Rick Hopkins | 2012-02-01

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Cache Creek Cougar Family Group

Craighead Beringia South | 2012-01-31

Cougar biologists at Craighead Beringia South weigh in on Cache Creek cougars.

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Game and Parks Releases Trapped Mountain Lion

Lincoln Journal Star | 2012-01-30

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Group: Set Cougar Free

Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole Daily | 2012-01-27

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The Cougar Fund asks WY Game and Fish Department to free mother cougar

Jackson Hole News and Guide | 2012-01-27

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Cougar Family May Die Because of Government Trappers

Marc Bekoff | 2012-01-26

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Ask Wyoming Officials to Reunite Cougar Family

PETA | 2012-01-26

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Cache Creek lioness caged, kits still roam

Cory Hatch | 2012-01-25

Game and Fish responds to fears for human safety; critics say move is a death sentence.

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Mountain Lions Spotted Near Cache Creek Trails

Jackson Hole Daily - Rich Anderson | 2012-01-23

A mountain lion with two approximately 7-month-old kittens were spotted Saturday near the Cache Creek trailhead, prompting Bridger-Teton National Forest officials to alert residents and trail users.

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Tejon Ranch halts hunting after state probe of cougar killings

Los Angeles Times | 2012-01-21

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Bill would let hunters target cougars

Paul Hammel and Joe Duggan | 2012-01-12

For more information:

Joe Duggan, Omaha World Herald

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Young male mountain lion trapped, released in Reynolds County, Missouri

Lincoln County Journal | 2012-01-09

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has examined and released a male mountain lion trapped by a private citizen in Reynolds County.

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Thompson Park Zoo gets new cougar cub; contest for his name

Your News Now | 2012-01-04

A cougar kitten found in Montanta was given a home at a New York zoo, and now they are having a contest to name it.

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Photos show bobcats, mountain lion in Southern Indiana

Adam Walser | 2011-11-14

Remote trail cameras and cell phone camera capture photos of bobcats and one moutain lion.

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Orphaned cougar kittens getting second chance at life

Komo News | 2011-11-09

2 cougar kittens rescued after mother illegally killed by hunter

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Mountain Lions Spotted Near Front Door of Sierra Madre Home

KTLA - Jennifer Gould's report | 2011-10-04

Two large cougars found near front door of California home.

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Michigan Officials Confirm Cougar Sighting | 2011-09-27

Wildlife officials have confirmed the presence of a cougar in the Upper Peninsula's Houghton County.

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Dog Survives Mountain Lion Attack | 2011-08-30

One Swan Valley man and his pet had a close encounter over the weekend with one very big cat.

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'Smart Collar' in the Works to Manage Wildlife Better

New York Times | 2011-08-29

A new collar has potential to measure things such as how animals move and eat and live their lives, which could fundamentally transform how wild populations are managed by giving researchers a platform for predicting wild behavior.

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A Cougar in Connecticut - updated story

Science News | 2011-08-27

Scientists piece together the wanderings of a young male cat.

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Bighorn sheep may have adapted to mountain lions | 2011-07-12

Although still a favorite snack for hungry mountain lions, bighorn sheep may have adapted to the presence of the predator, which may account for steadier herd population numbers on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

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Agressive mountain lion in the Upper McDonald Creek Valley

Lake County Leader | 2011-07-11

WEST GLACIER MONT. — Aggressive behavior has been displayed by a mountain lion in the Upper McDonald Creek Valley near areas highly frequented by visitors. Rangers are requesting visitors to be on alert for mountain lions and report all sightings to the closest National Park Service (NPS) facility.

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West Side Residents On Alert For Mountain Lions

KOAT 7 ABC | 2011-07-07

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- A month after New Mexico Game and Fish spotted a mountain lion in northwest Albuquerque; there’s been another wildcat report in the Santa Fe Village Subdivision.

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Seminar on Mountain Lions This Week

Vernon Patch | 2011-07-04

Concerned that there seems to be mixed messages about mountain lions and their existence in the state, Conserving Tolland, a nonprofit conservation-oriented organization, ishosting an informational session on Thursday, July 7, in an effort to educate the public about the wild animal and how to keep it, and the general public, safe.

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Glacier warns of aggressive mountain lio | 2011-06-30

Glacier National Park officials are warning visitors about a mountain lion that has displayed aggressive behavior toward people on busy trails in the Upper McDonald Creek Valley recently. On June 23, a woman and her niece were confronted by an adult, dark-colored mountain lion on the Sperry Trail near Lake McDonald Lodge.

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MariAn Gail Brown: DEP's stance on mountain lions disquieting Read more: | 2011-06-22

A mountain lion that had a fatal fandango with an SUV on the Wilbur Cross Parkway in Milford is getting the kind of necropsy no other big cat ever gets in Connecticut -- for one reason. It's to prove the dead feline is the same creature spotted days earlier roaming uber-tony Greenwich.

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Mountain Lion in Bethany?

NBC Connecticut | 2011-06-15

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Another mountain lion sighting reported

York News Times | 2011-06-07

BRADSHAW — Another Bradshaw area resident has reported to the sheriff’s department that they’ve seen a mountain lion. That was the second call ina 24-hour time span.

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Luring mountain lions to learn to live amongst them

KALW News | 2011-06-04

One of the Bay Area’s native animals, the mountain lion, goes by many names: puma, panther, cougar, catamount, painter. One of the most apt, perhaps, is “ghost cat,” earned for the animal’s skill at staying out of human sight. That skill has helped to ensure their ongoing survival here. Mountain lions, like grizzlies and wolves, were subjected to hunting bounties in the 20th century in an attempt to eradicate them. Those other predators were extirpated (which in case you were wondering, means “to destroy totally or exterminate”), as were lions from the eastern two-thirds of the United States. But the lions’ continued presence here links us to a past California, wild and rich in biodiversity. Now scientists are studying the Bay Area’s big cats in an effort to bridge the cultural divide between them and us, to make our neighboring habitats safe for all. Erica Gies reports.

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Video: Dog Sniffs Out Mountain Lion Scat

National Geographic | 2011-06-02

National Geographic grantee Karen DeMatteo is turning an age-old rivalry on its head, using dogs to help protect cats in the wild. While several protected areas keep jaguars, pumas, ocelots, and very rarely seen bush dogs somewhat safe in Argentina, logging, poaching, and a network of highways through the parks still keep these animals under threat.

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Good News for Mountain Lions

Messenger Online | 2011-06-01

The National Park Service has announced that three mountain lion kittens were born in the Santa Monica Mountains and a new male lion was fitted with a tracking collar in the Santa Susana Mountains Area. The only other documented litter of mountain lion kittens was born in the summer of 2004.

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Mountain lion killed on resident's porch

Helena Independent Record | 2011-05-26

Dave Loewen, a game warden with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, shot the year-old mountain lion from the safety of his truck, which was parked on the street. Police notified the neighbors to stay inside, and blocked off traffic to the area.

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Cougar-hunting effort ends without Senate vote

Mail Tribune | 2011-05-26

A bill seeking to reintroduce some sport-hunting of cougars with hounds has died a quiet death in the Oregon Senate after getting an easy nod in the House, ending the latest effort to return a practice banned by voters 17 years ago.

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Hesperia family finds mountain lion in garage

Victorville Daily Press | 2011-05-25

HESPERIA • Michelle Taylor shudders when she realizes she may have been sharing her garage with a mountain lion for the past three days. “I think it was in there since Sunday night,” the Hesperia mother of five said, with neighbors reporting they had seen a mountain lion roaming the area since Friday.

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Mountain Lion Spotted In Wheat Ridge

CBS Denver | 2011-05-24

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4)- Police in Wheat Ridge and the Department of Wildlife are investigating a mountain lion sighting. Two girls reported seeing the wild cat while walking their dog near Prospect Park at 44th and Robb Street.

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MDC offers safety tips on Mountain Lions

Area Wide News | 2011-05-19

Since the most recent confirmation of a mountain lion in the state, the Missouri Department of Conservation has provided hints if a lion is encountered. Though sightings are extremely rare, Missourians who travel to states with thriving cougar populations can benefit from these hints.

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Drought drove Mountain Lion into downtown El Paso

KHOU | 2011-05-18

El PASO, Texas -- "We’re encroaching so much into their habitat," explained biologist Balin. "A large predator or mammal needs a lot of habitat to support themselves so we have to have regional planning and develop areas very carefully so we can accommodate wildlife and their habitat."

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Former Tejon Ranch hunting guide says mountain lions were killed illegally at the ranch

LA Times | 2011-05-17

Claims made in Bron Sanders' wrongful termination suit are being investigated by the California Department of Fish and Game. Ranch management denies the allegations.

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4 Wisconsin men plead guilty to illegal mountain lion hunting

WTAQ | 2011-05-16

When Wisconsin hunter Erick Steingraber posted an account about hunting mountain lions online, he gave Montana investigators the trail they needed. Steingraber is one of four Wisconsin men arrested for illegally hunting mountain lions north of Helena, Montana.

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Mountain Lion Shot And Killed In Sheridan

AP - Wyoming | 2011-05-11

Police shot and killed a mountain lion that was spotted in the bushes of someone's backyard in a Sheridan residential area.

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Final Days of Mountain Lion Season

KFGO Studios | 2011-04-04

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - Mountain lion hunting in North Dakota comes to a close this week. The state Game and Fish Department is reminding hunters that hunting in Zone 2 closes after Thursday. The zone basically is all areas outside of the western Badlands, which make up Zone 1.

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Mountain lion shot to death in Redwood City yard

San Francisco Chronicle | 2011-03-29

A mountain lion that wandered into a residential neighborhood in Redwood City was shot to death this morning in a backyard. A state Department of Fish and Game warden "dispatched the animal" with two rifle shots shortly before noon after authorities concluded that it was too risky to try to tranquilize the cougar, said Fish and Game Lt. Todd Ajari.

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Mountain lions sighted on Scottsdale golf course

The Arizona Republic | 2011-03-25

A north Scottsdale couple feel lucky to have made a rare sighting of three mountain lions this week on the fourth hole of Desert Mountain Golf Club's Cochise Course. Desert Mountain resident Linda Borman said she quickly snapped a few photographs on Monday afternoon after her husband, Ty, saw the mother and her two cubs lounging on the fairway of the 546-yard, par-5 hole.

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Good News for Mountain Lions

Messenger Online | 2011-03-24

The National Park Service has announced that three mountain lion kittens were born in the Santa Monica Mountains and a new male lion was fitted with a tracking collar in the Santa Susana Mountains Area. The only other documented litter of mountain lion kittens was born in the summer of 2004.

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Mountain lions spotted in Aptos

Santa Cruz Sentinel | 2011-03-22

APTOS -- Mountain lions have been spotted at least three times in the past week near Redwood Drive and Campus Drive in Aptos, neighbors and state Department of Fish and Game officials said Monday.

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Deer carcass found near Priory school

Almanac News | 2011-03-16

The carcass of a deer that may have been killed by a mountain lion was found near a Portola Valley school Wednesday morning, March 9, San Mateo County emergency officials said.

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Mountain Lion at the Oceano Dunes?

Cal Coast News | 2011-03-14

Local photographer Amy Joseph was capturing images of the Oceano Dunes on Saturday afternoon when she took a few photos of what she thought was a stray horse. To her surprise, zoom images appear to show a mountain lion running along the dunes.

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Mountain lion caught, killed in Ukiah

The Ukiah Daily Journal | 2011-03-11

A mountain lion suspected of killing sheep was trapped and killed in Ukiah off Doolan Canyon Drive Thursday morning, the California Department of Fish and Game reported.

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Mountain lions moving into Midwest | 2011-03-10

Due to bigger populations in the west, experts believe some young male mountain lions are heading east on a search for their own territory.

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Eastern cougars still exist, Ontario ministry insists, despite U.S. claim they're gone

Ottawa Citizen | 2011-03-04

There are still eastern cougars in Ontario, maintains the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, despite a Wednesday announcement from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service claiming the species is extinct.

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Florida Panther Not Extinct, Eastern Cougar Is; Here's the Difference

AOL News | 2011-03-04

The confirmed extinction of the eastern cougar has refocused attention on the Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi), a different but related cougar subspecies whose numbers have also dwindled. Its habitat is extremely limited: Wildlife experts believe there are only 80 to 100 adult Florida panthers left, and they are confined to Lee, Collier, Hendry, Dade and Monroe counties. Because the population has been isolated in the wild, it has remained genetically distinct from other cougar subspecies.

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Endangered panther found dead | 2011-03-04

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that a 4-year-old collared female was found Wednesday in the Picayune Strand State Forest in Collier County. It appeared she was killed by another panther, but necropsy would be required to confirm it.

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80th Anniversary of the Animal Damage Control Act -- No Celebration for Wildlife

Huffington Post | 2011-03-03

This week marks the 80th anniversary of passage of the Animal Control Damage Control Act (7 USC 426-426c). It is not a time of celebration for wildlife in the United States; it is an anniversary of mourning -- for each one of the millions of coyotes, foxes, wolves, bears, mountain lions, bobcats, badgers, Canada geese, cormorants, black birds and other animals labeled as "pests" who have been killed under this Act.

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Eastern Cougar Is Declared Extinct, With an Asterisk

New York Times | 2011-03-03

Seven decades after the last reported sighting of the eastern cougar, the federal Fish and Wildlife Service declared it extinct Wednesday and recommended that it be removed from the nation’s endangered species list.

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Federal researchers declare eastern cougar extinct

AP | 2011-03-02

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Wednesday declared the eastern cougar to be extinct, confirming a widely held belief among wildlife biologists that native populations of the big cat were wiped out by man a century ago.

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GF&P kills 3 lions in Black Hills

KCAUTV.COM | 2011-03-02

The state's wildlife agency killed three mountain lions after they killed domestic animals in the Black Hills.

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Drugged elk makes easy pickings for Custer Park lion

Rapid City Journal | 2011-03-01

The two got together Saturday in Custer State Park as a helicopter crew was shooting sedation darts at cow elk to drug them so they could be handled in a research project.

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From bounty-hunting to co-existing with cougars

Daily Camera | 2011-03-01

Baron will speak about the changing relationship between people and mountain lions at the Erie Community Library on Thursday, March 10, at 7 p.m.

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Man finds mountain lion eating barn cats near Custer

Rapid City Journal | 2011-02-28

Tom Cox said six of his barn cats had mysteriously disappeared over the past few days. On Sunday morning, he solved the mystery when he caught the culprit in the act.

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Bighorns become part of prey study

Black Hills Pioneer | 2011-02-28

Wildlife biologists know mountain lions are killing bighorn sheep in the Black Hills, but they want to know just how many.

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Domestic cat killed by young mountain lion in south Glenwood

Post Independent | 2011-02-28

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — A mountain lion kitten killed and ate a house cat Saturday morning in the Park East subdivision, according to Kevin Wright, district wildlife manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

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Hunters play role in trimming lion population

Rapid City Journal | 2011-02-28

In killing 47 mountain lions during a season that ended last Monday, hunters again played a key role in the state Game, Fish & Parks Commission plan to trim the Black Hills mountain lion population.

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Must we shoot big cats in "cougar country"?

Gazette | 2011-02-28

What a difference a few years make. Several years ago, before a wild cougar was positively identified through a trace of blood as having been in Milton and possibly Janesville, Clinton and Elkhorn before making its way into Illinois, Wisconsin DNR officials seemingly were in denial that these big cats roamed Wisconsin. Wildlife officials weren’t convinced despite repeated reports from state residents who spotted what they believed were cougars through the years.

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Mountain Lion Seen Roaming in Portola Valley Wednesday

Millbrae Patch | 2011-02-25

The big cat was seen roaming in the 500 block of Westridge Drive in a rural residential neighborhood.

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Linn County sighting confirmed to be a mountain lion

Sallatin North Missourian | 2011-02-24

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) confirmed a mountain lion sighting in southern Linn County along the border of Chariton County. A landowner in the area contacted the MDC on Feb. 15 with two photos of a mountain lion taken Dec. 29 by a trail camera on his property.

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Female Mountain Lion Hunting To Close In Hunting District 580

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks | 2011-02-23

The hunting of all female mountain lions in south-central Montana hunting district 580, which includes portions of Meagher, Park, Sweet Grass and Wheatland counties, will close at one-half hour after sunset on Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

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Kill Limit Surpassed In SD Mountain Lion Season

Keloland | 2011-02-22

The final tally for the season that began January 1 is 21 male lions and 26 females. South Dakota wildlife officials say they will not punish two hunters who shot mountain lions after a state-set limit of 45 kills had been reached.

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South Dakota mountain lion season nears the end

Rapid City Journal | 2011-02-21

A male lion was killed in Meade County over the weekend, bringing the season total to 44. The limit set by state wildlife officials is 45. The season opened Jan. 1 and is scheduled to run through March or until the quota is reached.

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Portola Valley: Mountain lion spotted Wednesday night

Mercury News | 2011-02-18

A mountain lion was spotted in a rural residential neighborhood in Portola Valley on Wednesday night, San Mateo County emergency officials said. The cat was seen at about 7:40 p.m. in the area of the 100 and 200 blocks of Willowbrook Drive.

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Mountain lion on the prowl in Monrovia

Los Angeles News | 2011-02-17

Some Monrovia residents are on alert after a mountain lion was seen prowling in their neighborhood.

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West Coast cougars among most difficult to track | 2011-02-16

Study says conservation management fundamentally flawed...the cougar is among her most challenging specimens to keep track of in the region's densely forested areas.

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Group wants to bring panthers to Georgia, north Florida

Naples News | 2011-02-15

Conservation groups are calling on the federal government to set up another population of Florida panthers in southern Georgia.

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SD mountain lion season just 3 shy of limit

KCAU TV | 2011-02-14

RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) - South Dakota's main mountain hunting season is just three short of its limit after hunters in Lawrence County killed 2 of the big cats on Friday. That brings the total for the 2011 season to 42, three short of the limit of 45.

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Groups want to put Fla. panthers in Ga. swamp

Miami Herald - AP | 2011-02-11

A coalition of environmental groups has petitioned the government to start transplanting Florida panthers to Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp.

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Mountain lion killed in collision on Hwy 260

Verde Independent | 2011-02-11

Camp Verde Marshal's deputies and Camp Verde Fire crews were dispatched to an accident involving a car and a mountain lion on State Route 260 near Verde Lakes Drive Tuesday night.

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Rapid City man uses archery equipment to take mountain lion

Rapid City Journal | 2011-02-11

Practiced in the art of the hunt and knowledgeable in the ways of his quarry, Sean Fulton has to his credit a solo hunting experience that few could ever hope to match.

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Two mountain lions spotted in Woodside California

Almanac Online | 2011-02-11

Two mountain lions were seen near the west side entrance to Canada College in Woodside around 4:50 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 9, county officials said.

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Study tracks mountain lions east of divide

Great Falls Tribune | 2011-02-10

Researchers are using GPS and radio collars to track the movement of elusive mountain lions in the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge in the state's first study of lions east of the Continental Divide. he study was launched to see whether a hunting season is warranted on the refuge.

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PALOMAR MOUNTAIN: Mountain lion startles family in home

North County Times | 2011-02-09

David Robarts said Tuesday that a mountain lion broke through the back door of his rural, two-story Palomar Mountain home Sunday night, briefly scaring him and his wife, Nancy, and son, Nathan, before scampering off.

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SD mountain lion season nears quota | 2011-02-08

KEVN-TV reports that a male and a female lion were killed over the weekend in Pennington County. That brings the total to 38 lions, seven shy of the 45-lion quota.

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G&F woes preceded jaguar capture

Arizona Daily Star | 2011-02-07

In page after page of testimony, Arizona Game and Fish Department officials portrayed jaguar researcher Emil McCain as a man who manipulated, "played" and led them down a primrose path toward the capture of jaguar Macho B that ended in tragedy. But in the same testimony, the officials portrayed their department as one that was able to be played because it was plagued by internal problems, personality conflicts and poor communication.

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G&F woes preceded jaguar capture

Arizona Daily Star | 2011-02-07

In page after page of testimony, Arizona Game and Fish Department officials portrayed jaguar researcher Emil McCain as a man who manipulated, "played" and led them down a primrose path toward the capture of jaguar Macho B that ended in tragedy. But in the same testimony, the officials portrayed their department as one that was able to be played because it was plagued by internal problems, personality conflicts and poor communication.

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Tracking the elusive cougar: wildlife expert teaches technique to volunteers

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | 2011-02-03

Perhaps it was the size. Or posture. Or beauty. Or wildness. Or instinctual human fear of large predators. Or, in Wisconsin, rarity.

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Plaquemines searching for large black cat

WWL AM870 FM105.3 | 2011-02-01

Officials in Plaquemines Parish are warning residents to be on the lookout for a large black undomesticated cat seen near the East Bank community of Phoenix. Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser says the Sheriff's Office and officers from Wildlife & Fisheries are currently working to capture the cat.

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Silent protest in state park could reduce lion kill, affect management

Rapid City Journal | 2011-01-31

Some of the 10 special mountain lion permits for Custer State Park are held by hunters who don't intend to kill a lion.

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Mountain lion spotted near Aspen

Aspen Daily News Online | 2011-01-28

A mountain lion was spotted on the Rio Grande Trail near Aspen on Tuesday, Pitkin County Open Space rangers report.

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Cougar protection urged

North Island Gazette | 2011-01-28

Say the word “cougar” on the North Island and people pay attention. Say that cougars need our protection, not vice versa, and you are probably in for an argument.

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Cougar cub seeks cuddly moniker

El Dorado Hills Telegraph | 2011-01-27

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary received their newest resident, a 15-week-old mountain lion cub. When she was rescued by the California Department of Fish and Game in November, she weighed only 4 pounds and was emaciated and ill, according to officials. “She’s now thriving and will soon move to a public exhibit area,” the press release states. Residents are invited to help name her by casting a vote by Feb. 4 at

Hunters shoot mountain lion near Macon

North Missourian | 2011-01-27

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has confirmed that a group of hunters killed a young male mountain lion west of La Plata, Mo., on Jan. 22.

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Wis. DNR says animal sighted not cougar

Daily Jefferson County Union | 2011-01-27

TOWN OF KOSHKONONG, Wis. (AP) - The state Department of Natural Resources says there is no evidence that an animal sighted in southern Wisconsin last week was a cougar.

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Mountain lion killed near La Plata, Mo

Heartland Connection | 2011-01-24

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) said a mountain shot near La Plata, Mo. was the second one killed in the state in three months. At this point, the conservation department said they will not press charges...

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Mountain Lion Sighted in Chesterfield

Fox 2 Now | 2011-01-21

The Missouri Conservation Department Thursday confirmed photographs taken by Garrett Jensen of Chesterfield, Mo.

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Hunting has put B.C. cougar population at risk, story and video

The Victoria Times Colonist | 2011-01-20

Trophy hunting and habitat loss are putting B.C.'s cougar population at risk and provincial policies do not adequately protect the big cats, says a new report by three scientists from the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

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Federal Cougar Hunters Must Obey California Law | 2011-01-19

Federal contract hunters employed by the California Department of Fish & Game may not use poison, snares, leg-hold or metal-jawed traps to kill mountain lions, even when the lions pose a threat to Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, according to a new Legislative Counsel opinion released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

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American cougars on the decline: 'We're running against the clock,' says big cat expe | 2011-01-19

It holds the Guinness World Record for having the most names of any animal on the planet, with 40 in English alone. It's also the widest-ranging native land animal in the Americas, yet is declining throughout much of its range. Mongabay talks with big cat expert Dr. Howard Quigley about the status and research implications of the elusive, enigmatic, and unique cougar.

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One kitten killed, others rescued in lion season irony

Rapid City Journal | 2011-01-18

One mountain lion kitten has been shot and killed during the first two weeks of the 2011 cougar-hunting season, while three other kittens have been rescued for shipment to zoos after their mother was killed by another hunter.

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Mountain lion spotted in Portola Valley

Mercury News | 2011-01-15

A mountain lion was spotted in Portola Valley late Saturday night.

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In Colorado, Hunting Mountain Lions to Help Desert Bighorns

New West Travel & Outdoors | 2011-01-14

Wildlife officers are trying to help a herd of bighorn sheep in Colorado's Big Gypsum Valley for the third time since 1990. This time, officers will increase the herd’s odds by hunting any mountain lions that kill a sheep

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Truth comes out in area mountain lion killing

The Kansas CIty Star | 2011-01-13

He didn’t shoot the big cat. It was a mile down the road, not even on his land, when killed. And while he still says a lion might have got one of his calves, no cow meat was found in the cat’s belly.

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South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks | 2011-01-12

Only 13 (or 12%) of the people who responded were in favor of current mountain lion management/hunting objectives in South Dakota.

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SD lion count at 14 after 1 week of hunting season

KCAU TV | 2011-01-10

14 lions have been killed in the first week of the season

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Young mountain lion startles Belmont 6th grader

Mercury News | 2011-01-10

A juvenile mountain lion scared a 6th grader Friday morning when it roamed near Ralston Middle School in Belmont during a physical education class, a police lieutenant said.

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Mountain-lion sightings focus of wildlife meeting

LJ World | 2011-01-07

The increasing number of mountain-lion sightings were among the items discussed at a KDWP commission meeting Thursday at the Dole Institute of Politics in Lawrence.

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Six lions killed in 2011 season

Black Hills Pioneer | 2011-01-06

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks reported six lions were killed by the evening of Jan. 2, the second day of the 2011 mountain lion season.

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Charges unlikely for mountain lion shooting, MDC says

Richmond News | 2011-01-06

On the ground Sunday evening stood Bob Littleton, a Ray County cattleman holding a .22-caliber rifle. In the tree, 40 feet away, was something a cattleman statistically shouldn’t find in his rural Kansas City-area backyard.

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Columbia conservation scientists study cougar

Columbia Daily Tribune | 2011-01-06

The body of a cougar killed Sunday night in rural Ray County was brought to Missouri Department of Conservation officials in Columbia yesterday for study.

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Mountain lion sighting in Arizona

KOLD News 13 | 2011-01-05

There are more reports this morning of mountain lion sightings in the Phoenix area.

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Ray County mountain lion a Missouri rarity

Kansas City Star | 2011-01-04

The body, a .22-caliber slug lodged in the brain, was sprawled on the autopsy table waiting for the scalpel.

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Critter cams capture menagerie of Boulder County wildlife

Daily Camera | 2011-01-03

In the few months since 40 motion-activated cameras were spread out across the undeveloped lands west of Boulder and around Lyons, thousands of these kinds of pictures have been taken, giving a glimpse into a world of wildlife rarely seen by people.

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Lions in the mountains of Pa.? | 2011-01-03

The Erie Times-News recently ran an interesting article about possible mountain lion sightings in Northeast Township east of Erie.

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Six lions killed in 2011 season

Black Hills Pioneer | 2011-01-03

Two females and four male mountain lions were killed in the first two days of the New Year.

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Mountain lion season begins Sat.

Black Hills Pioneer | 2010-12-31

The sixth mountain lion season in the state opens Saturday and the recent snowfall should make for excellent tracking opportunities.

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Mountain lion goes on attack in Carson Co., authorities urge caution

KENS 5 San Antonio | 2010-12-31

Residents in the Texas panhandle are being vigilant after a mountain lion went on the attack.

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Steinwand clarifies some questions on recent mountain lion shooting

Bismarck Tribune | 2010-12-31

The story of the 15-year-old girl shooting a mountain lion near her home south of Bismarck has generated a lot of interest in various circles.

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Mountain lion season begins Sat.

Black Hills Pioneer | 2010-12-31

The sixth mountain lion season in the state opens Saturday and the recent snowfall should make for excellent tracking opportunities.

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More Florida panthers born, but habitat shrinks

Herald Tribune | 2010-12-30

Florida panthers this year gave birth to more kittens than in the previous three years, an indication that the panther population could be on the rise.

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More Florida panthers born, but habitat shrinks

Herald Tribune | 2010-12-30

Florida panthers this year gave birth to more kittens than in the previous three years, an indication that the panther population could be on the rise.

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Male lion hunting closed

Great Falls Tribune | 2010-12-27

The closure notice for the hunt came shortly after Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials received word that the pre-established harvest sub-quota for the district had been met.

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Five mountain lions seen in Kansas since '07

Kansas City Star | 2010-12-26

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Park verified photos of a mountain lion taken in Nemaha County earlier this month. And in late October, a photo of a mountain lion in Republican County was also verified.

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MacKenzie mountain lion dies

By Alex Ebert, Daily Register | 2010-12-23

A 15-year-old mountain lion, kept at the MacKenzie Environmental Education Center in Poynette, died this week of complications from cancer.

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Kansas parks officials verify mountain lion sighting

The Kansas City Star | 2010-12-21

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks biologists have verified a mountain lion photographed by a trail camera Dec. 7 in Nemaha County.

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Vehicle hits, kills Florida panther in S.W. Fla.

Miami Herald - AP | 2010-12-20

It was the 21st Florida panther death recorded this year. Officials say 16 of the panthers have been struck and killed by vehicles.

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Female lion hunts end

Great Falls Tribune | 2010-12-20

Hunting for female mountain lions in central Montana hunting districts 422, 423, 424, 425 and 442, which include portions of Lewis & Clark and Teton counties, closes half an hour after sunset on Saturday.

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Mountain lion numbers holding steady

Bismarck Tribune | 2010-12-17

The most recent mountain lion killed in North Dakota is not necessarily an indication of a growing population in the state.

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Mountain lion kills deer on school campus in Belmont

Mercury News | 2010-12-10

A mountain lion and her cub killed and partially ate a deer late Wednesday or early Thursday on the Ralston Middle School campus, prompting a warning from police.

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Ferocious appetites: Study finds mountain lions may be eating more than previously believed

Billings Gazette | 2010-12-10

Mountain lions, the largest members of the cat family in North America, may be heartier eaters than some researchers originally estimated.

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G&P: Lion conflicts possible but rare

Chadron Record | 2010-12-09

Mountain lion attacks, while possible, are rare. That was the overriding message at a meeting about the animals last week at the Dawes County Fairgrounds.

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Mt. Lion Killed After It Kills | 2010-12-09

Officials with Game Fish & Parks killed another mountain lion this week near Rapid City. But not before the cat got its kill.

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Wyoming pastors rescue stranded Wisconsin dog

WKBT | 2010-12-08

Two Wyoming pastors recently put their rock climbing hobby to some Good Samaritan use.

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Hunter kills attacking lion in the Little Belts

Great Falls Tribune | 2010-12-06

Nov. 13 was a perfect morning for hunting, recalls Great Falls neurosurgeon Dale Schaefer. Schaefer sat on a log and watched a game trail below him. It was cold, there were 6 inches of fresh snow and the air was still.

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Dog killed by mountain lion near New Castle

Post Independent | 2010-12-03

Residents of Western Colorado know the dangers that exist when wildlife, such as black bears and mountain lions, and family pets meet.

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Lion hunting closes in southwest districts

Great Falls Tribune | 2010-12-03

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks announced today that hunting of all female mountain lions in southwestern Montana hunting districts 321 and 332, which include portions of Beaver-head, Silver Bow, and Deer Lodge counties, closes half an hour after sunset on Friday.

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Mountain lions straying into more urban areas

San Francisco Chronicle | 2010-12-01

"Anyplace cougars exist, animals wander past that urban-rural fringe," says wildlife biologist Rick Hopkins, who led a 12-year study of mountain lions in the Diablo Mountains near San Jose. "We're putting all our effort and energy into figuring out how cougars affect us. But we're the ones having the greater adverse effect."

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Mountain lion verified in Platte County

Kansas City Star | 2010-12-01

A mountain lion was caught on camera Friday in southern Platte County, the Missouri Department of Conservation said Tuesday.

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Magazine seeks evidence of cougars

ajc | 2010-11-29

The rumors won’t go away. He’s been sighted on South Georgia roadsides, his tail twitching. He prowls glades in North Georgia, a tawny flash of fur in the shadows. A farmer’s wife saw him stalking deer; a suburban Atlanta woman nearly bumped into him.

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Mountain Lion, 2 Cubs Captured In Golden Neighborhood

abc 7 Denver | 2010-11-29

Wildlife officers tranquilized and relocated a mother mountain lion and two cubs Sunday that had become too comfortable living in a Golden neighborhood.

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Mountain Lion Killed By Car

abc 7 Denver | 2010-11-28

SNOWMASS, Colo. -- A mountain lion had to be put down after it was hit by a car early Friday morning.

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Update: Westcreek cougar sigting marked a mistake, Cougar has dissapered | 2010-11-22

Police officers claim that the description of a mountain lion in the neighborhood of Westcreek near the elementary Galm may have been a accidental false report, claiming the description of the cat may have been a bobcat, which do naturally live in southern states such as Texas, or a large house-cat.

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Biologist disputes cougar sightings

Sun Journal | 2010-11-19

Warren Bryant of Jay and Al Stark of Phillips learned Wednesday night that they had something in common: Both believe they've seen tracks in Moscow made by an Eastern cougar, possibly the same one.

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Mountain Lion Hunting Closed In Black Hills Area

AP Casper | 2010-11-17

Mountain lion hunting is closed in an area of the Black Hills.

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County landowner shoots mountain lion near Nunda

Moody County Enterprise | 2010-11-17

A Moody County landowner last week killed on his property a large male mountain lion that he considered to be a threat, according to a South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks official.

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Boys Gone Wild in an Agency Turned Rogue | 2010-11-16

In your face! That’s Jim Lane of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish on his Facebook page on Oct. 29. There he high-fives his staff, precisely: “We kicked butt yesterday.” How so? Lane, chief bureaucrat of the department’s Wildlife Management Division, is boasting of his/their victory at Ruidoso on Oct. 28 where a complicit Game Commission sided with the department on huge increases in killing bears and cougars for recreation and also (bogus) for public safety.

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Dead cougar makes 7 in Minnesota in 14 months

MPR News | 2010-11-16

A dead cougar turned up over the weekend in Pope County, according to a report on Alexandria television KSAX. The station had also reported recently on a cougar sighting nearby that state Department of Natural Resources officials dismissed as a large house cat.

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Mountain lion season closes

The Dickinson Press | 2010-11-15

North Dakota's mountain lion season is closed in Zone 1 because the ninth and 10th mountain lions were taken Friday, filling the zones quota, according to a North Dakota Game and Fish Department press release issued Saturday morning.

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No further sightings of mountain lion

Newark Post | 2010-11-12

County Police reported they have received no further sightings of a cougar. A Pike Creek resident reported seeing the animal while walking his dog early Wednesday morning.

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Jack Russell terrier trees mountain lion near Colman

Argus Leader | 2010-11-12

The 17-pound Jack Russell terrier chases squirrels around their Colman farm every day, but he made such a fuss on Tuesday morning that Virtus, Chad's father, had to step out of the shop to investigate.

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Hunter kills 8th mountain lion in area

The Dickinson Press | 2010-11-12

North Dakota’s eighth mountain lion was taken either Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, according to an e-mail Thursday afternoon from Greg Freeman with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

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Mountain Lion Hunt Continues

KFGO - Fargo Moorehead | 2010-11-10

A field full of deer hunters was a factor in the harvest of three more mountain lions in North Dakota's "quota" hunting zone west of the Missouri river. A 3 to 4 year-old female mountain lion weighing 78 lbs. was shot in south-central McKenzie county near the Little Missouri River Thursday.

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Remembering the Vancouver Island child heroes who fought off a cougar

Vancouver Sun | 2010-11-10

It was the height of the First World War, and two young Canadians — unarmed and facing a ferocious enemy assault, beyond any hope of rescue — fought for their lives with such courage that they would soon gain international fame and give a significant boost to the morale of their warring nation.

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Cougar Spotted Jumping Neighborhood Fence | 2010-11-09

It was Sunday morning in the middle of Lakeview when Noah Roesler saw something he won't soon forget.

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Florida panther is collared in area where calves killed | 2010-11-09

A male Florida panther suspected of killing livestock in eastern Collier County has been captured, collared and released.

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Mountain lion suspected in attack on Mazda

KXLH 9 | 2010-11-09

It appears that a mountain lion attacked a Mazda car in or near Eureka in northwest Montana several days ago.

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Tagged mountain lion killed by car in Boulder County

Daily Camera | 2010-11-09

A mountain lion was killed by a car on North Foothills Highway on Friday night.

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Officials investigate mountain lion poaching

Big Cat Rescue | 2010-11-09

The spate of recent poaching incidents in southwest Wyoming claimed another victim, this time in the Cokeville area.

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School Bus Driver Spots Mountain Lion In Upper Miller Creek

NBC | 2010-11-04

A Miller Creek bus driver was stopped in his tracks after an early morning mountain lion sighting. Residents of the rolling mountains in Upper Miller Creek live with wildlife all around them, and sometimes they cross paths. "I have never seen a mountain lion in my life," claims bus driver Dan Cook.

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State files charges against Hills men accused of illegally harvesting mountain lion

Rapid City Journal | 2010-11-02

Two local men accused of illegally killing a mountain lion on federal property last January are now facing state charges for unlawful possession of big game.

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Mountain lion hunting closes in parts of SW Montana | 2010-11-02

Mountain lion hunting in two southwest Montana districts has closed until December.

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A rare sighting captures photographer's attention | 2010-11-01

There's a lot to see here in Colorado. Sometimes you just need to know where to look.

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Black Bear, Cougar Kill Limit Raised

Albuqureque Journal | 2010-10-29

Despite a wave of opposition, the state Game Commission on Thursday voted to sharply increase the number of black bears and cougars that can be killed annually in New Mexico.

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Official: Photos appear to show another mountain lion

Wichita Eagle | 2010-10-27

A north-central Kansas archery deer hunter has added to the proof that mountain lions are roaming Kansas.

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Raising Cougar Hunt Limits Strains Credulity

Animal Protection of New Mexico | 2010-10-26

So far this year, fewer than 200 cougars have been killed in New Mexico — though 490 kills are allowed.

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Oregon Zoo sends twin orphaned cougar cubs to a new home

Oregon | 2010-10-26

The Oregon Zoo this week shipped off two orphaned cougar cubs to a new permanent home at the Western North Carolina Nature Center. The 10-week-old cubs, brothers, bring to six the number of orphaned cougars the zoo has cared for in a little over a year.

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Trail cam captures another Minnesota mountain lion

Duluth News Tribune | 2010-10-26

Few people now dispute the occasional presence of mountain lions in Northeastern Minnesota. But getting photographic documentation of them is difficult.

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While state denies mountain lions are in NH, numerous sightings say otherwise

Nashua Telegraph | 2010-10-25

At 6:20 on the morning of Aug. 20, Cheri Mazerall had just let her cat out the back door when she saw what she describes as a “beautiful, large beige/yellow” animal with “large feet and a long tail” come over her stone wall on Center Road in Lyndeborough.

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Forest officials raising awareness over mountain lion sightings

KVOA | 2010-10-25

With the number of Sabino Canyon visitors increasing this time of year, forest officials said mountain lion sightings do too. District Ranger Stan Helin along with Arizona Game and Fish wants everyone to be prepared before hitting the trails.

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Mountain lion photo found on the Internet

The Journal | 2010-10-25

A photo of a mountain lion reported to be in the Union and Beaver Lake area has been traced to the Internet, according to Nebraska Game and Parks officials.

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Man who saved boy from cougar receives Medal of Bravery

Vancouver Sun | 2010-10-25

A B.C. man who fought off a cougar as it attacked a child is one of the everyday Canadians who was recognized Friday for their selfless heroics.

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Mountain Lion Euthanized Outside of Scottsbluff

Outdoor News Daily | 2010-10-25

The Nebraska Game & Parks Commission euthanized a mountain lion in the front yard of a home 3 miles north of Scottsbluff on Monday night.

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Cats, Big and Small, Roam the Tucson Mountains

University of Arizona | 2010-10-22

For the first time, mountain lions and bobcats have been photographed as part of an in-depth monitoring study in the Tucson Mountains, a small island of habitat facing increasing segregation from surrounding natural areas because of urban sprawl and road construction.

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Game and Parks investigating report of mountain lion in southeast Nebraska area

The Journal | 2010-10-22

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is investigating an unconfirmed report of a mountain lion sighting in the Beaver Lake and Union area.

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Panther found dead in southeastern Lee County

Naples News | 2010-10-21

An endangered Florida panther was found dead in southeastern Lee County during routine aerial monitoring this morning, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports.

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Game warden looks for killer of lion and kitten

Little Chicago Review | 2010-10-21

Game Warden Neil Hymas is asking for the public’s help in solving a double mountain lion poaching case.

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Mountain lions poached near Cokeville | 2010-10-20

Wyoming Game and Fish Department game wardens are seeking the poachers who shot and killed a female mountain lion and its kitten about two weeks ago.

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Teen Attacked By Mountain Lion - Colorado | 2010-10-19

Kendra Rutter was attacked by a mountain lion when she pulled off a rural road to check on a car problem. The attack happened on County Road 51 in Divide.

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Crews Continue Search After Second Mountain Lion Sighting

Local News 8 | 2010-10-19

People around Idaho Falls are on alert again after Idaho Fish and Game received reports of a mountain lion sighting.

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Mountain lion sightings increasing across Minnesota

The Dickinson Press | 2010-10-18

Few people now dispute the occasional presence of mountain lions in Northeastern Minnesota. But getting photographic documentation of them is difficult.

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Authorities send out reverse 911 after mountain lion sighting | 2010-10-18

DAHO FALLS, Idaho -- A mountain lion sighting in the eastern Idaho city of Idaho Falls prompted school officials to send out a text alert asking parents to pick up their children after school or have them ride the bus.

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A mountain lion in far East Texas?

Statesman Journal | 2010-10-15

I got the photo more than a week ago, a tiny image on my cell phone but plainly a mountain lion.

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Mountain lion caught, killed | 2010-10-12

A 2½-year old mountain lion that took off with a 75-pound goat Friday was captured and killed by a Department of Fish and Game trapper Saturday morning.

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FALLBROOK: State accuses ranch manager of illegally killing lion

North County Times | 2010-10-12

The shooting of a collared mountain lion in a Fallbrook avocado grove in June has resulted in a criminal investigation against a ranch supervisor who state game wardens say illegally shot another lion earlier this year.

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Possible Lion Sighting Near Alliance Unconfirmed

AM 610 KCSR | 2010-10-12

The Nebraska Game and Parks investigated a possible mountain lion sighting near Alliance Friday evening. A rancher initially contacted officials after seeing what he thought to be a lion. Officials were unable to find any evidence of the big cat, but are not ruling out the possibility.

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Sanctuary offers one-of-a-kind protection for mistreated wildcats

KARE 11 | 2010-10-09

The Wild Cat Sanctuary started 10 years ago as a way to put an end to the captive wildlife crisis in Minnesota and the United States.

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Commission sets lion kill at 50

Rapid City Journal | 2010-10-08

The South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Commission set a 2011 mountain lion season Thursday with a maximum kill of 50 cats, including five in Custer State Park.

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Groups: NM cougar hunt quota is too high

Artesia News | 2010-10-08

A revised plan by the state Game and Fish Department would allow more cougars to be hunted and could push the animal to the brink of extinction in New Mexico, some environmentalists claim.

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Pastor spots mountain lion in Aberdeen

KSFY - Sioux Falls | 2010-10-06

It was a frightening moment outside of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, on Monday.

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2011 Mtn Lion Hunting Season To Be Finalized

KOTA radio 1380 | 2010-10-04

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission is expected to finalize the 2011 mountain lion hunting season when they meet next week in Spearfish Canyon.

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Visitors warned of mountain lion mother and cubs seen in Berkeley hills

Mercury News | 2010-10-04

Officials at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the Lawrence Hall of Science in the Berkeley hills are warning visitors to beware of mountain lions after a mother and her two cubs, along with deer and goat carcasses, were sighted recently.

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First mountain lion taken

KFGO - Fargo Moorehead | 2010-10-01

The first mountain lion of the season has been taken. North Dakota Game & Fish deputy director Roger Rostvet says the hunter shot the 80 to 90 pound mountain lion Tuesday evening in the Killdeer Mountains. The hunter was scouting for the upcoming elk hunt when he came across the young adult cat. This year's mountain lion season opened September 3rd and continues through March. There's a quota of 10 lions in zone 1, which is the western Badlands. There is no quota in the rest of the state.

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GF&P kills mountain lion at Rapid City Regional Airport

Rapid City Journal | 2010-09-30

South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Department shot and killed a mountain lion near Rapid City Regional Airport Sunday night after it threatened to roam onto the runway.

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Debating mountain lion reports in the area

Morris Daily Herald | 2010-09-30

Our local area has been circulating one topic recently that has been at the forefront of many conversations on the outdoors. In the last eighteen months I have been bombarded by people asking me questions about one creature more than any other. The item that has been so prevalent on people’s minds is the possibility of a mountain lion living here in Grundy County.

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The cougar vs. the landowner

Los Angeles Times | 2010-09-28

For eight weeks, M56 moved relentlessly, guided by a primordial compass. He covered more than 100 miles and climbed from sea level to a mile high. He traversed saw-toothed mountains, navigated busy highways and furtively skirted suburban neighborhoods.

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Man Cornered By Mountain Lions | 2010-09-28

It was a close call with wild animals Monday afternoon. Matt Chaparro said he was cornered by two mountain lions on the west side of Colorado Springs.

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Berkeleyside Berkeley sunset The Gourmet Ghetto mountain lion: final word

Berkeleyside | 2010-09-28

The Department of Fish and Game has completed the necroscopy of the mountain lion found in the Gourmet Ghetto on August 31. According to Warden Patrick Foy, the lion was a two-year old male, and had a “reasonably healthy weight”.

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Crane naval center issues mountain lion warning

Chicago Tribune | 2010-09-28

The Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center in southwestern Indiana has warned workers to watch out for a suspected mountain lion that has been spotted in the area.

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Florida panther comeback a success story with many asterisks

Christian Science Monitor | 2010-09-27

The population of Florida panthers has increased from 25 adults in 1995 to 100 today thanks to human intervention. But without continued intervention, the species will become extinct.

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Mountain lion captured in Devore

Press Enterprise | 2010-09-24

Game wardens have tranquilized a mountain lion in Devore and are taking the animal deeper into the San Bernardino Mountains after it caused a stir this morning by prowling outside a house near a school bus stop.

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Bounding, Rebounding: Panthers Make A Comeback

NPR | 2010-09-24

Big, meat-eating animals are in trouble. At least if they're not human.

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8 Texas cougars save Florida panthers from extinction

The Seattle Times | 2010-09-24

They didn't stay around long, but the eight lady cougars from Texas who temporarily set up housekeeping in southwest Florida in the late 1990s left a lasting impression.

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ODFW biologists capture, kill young cougar in Corvallis

Oregon | 2010-09-23

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials trapped and killed a cougar in Corvallis, an incident officials say highlights the growing presence of the large cat in the area.

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Second cougar killed in Panhandle

Omaha World Herald | 2010-09-23

A western Nebraska woman shot and killed a mountain lion who was watching her free a goat stuck in a fence.

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Game officials: Chadron area woman justified in slaying cougar

Rapid City Journal | 2010-09-22

Nebraska game officials have ruled that a Chadron, Neb.-area woman was justified in shooting a mountain lion on her property Friday.

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Mountain Lions Possible but Rarely Confirmed in Missouri

Kansas City InfoZine | 2010-09-21

Mountain lions occasionally wander into Missouri from other states, but there is no proof of a self-sustaining, reproducing population, a wildlife expert said Thursday at a public forum.

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Reports Of Mountain Lions Not Confirmed In Area KCSR | 2010-09-21

The Chadron Police Department received several reports over the weekend regarding mountain lions in the Chadron area. One report was received of lion tracks on the east edge of town, while another report on the south edge of a sighting.

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Mountain lions called integral to the Black Hills

Rapid City Journal | 2010-09-20

A New York state wildlife biologist dispelled Saturday what he called some of the myths about the dangers of mountain lions in the Black Hills.

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SD Weather Could Be the Cause of Deer Decline

KDLT news NBC | 2010-09-20

A biologist says weather patterns, not mountain lions, are responsible for the recent decline in the
number of deer in the Black Hills.

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Oregon House to hear report on cougar control

Mail Tribune | 2010-09-20

Oregon legislators will hear Tuesday how wildlife experts from across the West either laud or loathe the state's much-maligned study in which agents killed 101 cougars to test whether it would improve elk herds and reduce human-safety complaints and livestock damage.

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Mountain lion captured in Devore

Press Enterprise | 2010-09-17

Game wardens have tranquilized a mountain lion in Devore and are taking the animal deeper into the San Bernardino Mountains after it caused a stir this morning by prowling outside a house near a school bus stop.

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Cougar sighting in the town of Shellbrook

Global Winnipeg | 2010-09-16

RCMP Shellbrook is reporting an incident involving the sighting of two cougars in the town of Shellbrook. On Sept. 14th at approximately 1:00 p.m. an off duty RCMP member reported that he had seen two cougars in his neighbour’s yard on 3rd Street East within the town. An immediate patrol was made by members of the RCMP.

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Cougar kill puts north Ashland on alert

Mail Tribune | 2010-09-15

A cougar killed a lamb 10 feet from the back door of a home at the edge of the city limits, leading Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife officials to warn residents around the railroad trestle on North Main Street that they should watch their animals and put up a loud human presence.

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Cougar's first visit is his last

Omaha World Herald | 2010-09-15

The cougar and Griz the dog zipped past Schledewitz and vanished around the corner of the farmhouse. She estimated the distance between herself and the cougar as twice the length of her living room.

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Larry Lyons: The facts of cougar attacks

Niles Daily Star | 2010-09-15

Nearly all attacks on healthy adults are not fatal for they’re able to fight back with the cat eventually giving up.

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Mountain Lion Kittens Killed in Hunts

Care 2 Make a Difference | 2010-09-14

In 2010, 40 wild mountain lions were hunted and killed in South Dakota during an annual hunt. According to the South Dakota Mountain Lion Management Plan, five of the forty killed were kittens less than a year old.

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Donkey Saves Goat From Mountain Lion in Paradise

khsl 12 - CA | 2010-09-14

Paradise veterinarian Art Colyer has heard of mountain lion sightings in his neighborhood before, but he never thought he and his farm animals would actually encounter one. Two weeks ago, Colyer says he woke up in the middle of the night when he heard his goat, Buttermilk, crying for help. He explained, "One of our favorite goats was being attacked by a mountain lion, he had a hold of her face and her nose, she was in a little pond that was up there and she was being pulled out by a mountain lion."

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Lion chases cat through residence

Hungry Horse News - MT | 2010-09-13

A mountain lion chased a house cat into a Martin City home last Monday after the owner of the house opened the door to let the cat in.

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Possible Cougar Attack In Monroe County

Channel 3000 Madison | 2010-09-13

Authorities are investigating another possible cougar attack in western Wisconsin. The latest incident happened in Sparta in Monroe County, which is about 30 miles northwest of where several other attacks happened earlier this summer in Elroy.

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Cougar at the door

Idaho Mountain Express & Guide | 2010-09-13

Two Gimlet residents got a shock last week when they arrived home to find a mountain lion waiting in their living room.

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Ex-Wrestler Uses Moves To Thwart Cougar Attack -- Claws, Teeth Can't Match Choke Hold

Seattle Times | 2010-09-09

A former college wrestler fended off a cougar attack on a popular hiking trail in Olympic National Park by locking his legs around the animal and squeezing its throat with his hands. Phil Anderson survived the attack Friday afternoon even though he could not choke the young, 80-pound cougar into unconsciousness. "I couldn't quite get my hands around his neck to shut off his esophagus.

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Cougar seen in residential Choteau neighborhood

Choteau Acantha | 2010-09-07

A Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden on Thursday said that resident who lives on the northwest side of Choteau observed a mountain lion in her backyard at about 11 p.m. on Sept. 1.

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Benton County poultry farmer kills cougar

Statesman Journal | 2010-09-07

A Benton County man says a neighbor has shot and killed a young cougar prowling around poultry pens.

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Cougar killed near Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto

San Francisco Chronicle | 2010-09-01

Berkeley police shot and killed a mountain lion early Tuesday as it roamed a neighborhood around the city's famous Gourmet Ghetto for at least an hour, leaping over fences from one backyard to another.

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Cougar sighting

KTTC NBC | 2010-08-30

Several people say they spotted a cougar prowling in the Twin Cities suburb of Roseville, and experts believe the sighting may be linked to a Wisconsin cat.

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Environmentalists question proposed cougar harvest rules

Santa Fe - New Mexican | 2010-08-28

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is proposing to more than double the number of cougars that can be harvested in the next four years.

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Call for More FL Panther Habitat During America's Great Outdoors Tour

Public News Service | 2010-08-26

More room to roam for the endangered Florida panther is the goal of a petition being delivered to the U.S. Department of the Interior during the "America's Great Outdoors" listening session in Orlando today.

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Mountain Lion Seen Again Near School CA | 2010-08-26

A mountain lion sighting near Ione Elementary School has school officials taking extra precautions.

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Bear, Cougar, Antelope Hunting On NM Game Commission Agenda

AmmoLand | 2010-08-25

The State Game Commission will hear proposals and public comments about hunting seasons and licensing rules for bears, cougars, pronghorn antelope and deer at its meeting Saturday, Aug. 28, in Albuquerque.

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Roseburg's cougar sightings prompt reactions

NR Today | 2010-08-25

Two young men who come to Gaddis Park almost every day seemed unfazed Thursday to hear a cougar has been spotted near the park, which is in the middle of Roseburg.

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Rep: Relax dog ban for cougar hunting?

Democrat Herald | 2010-08-18

The mid-valley’s cougar population seems to be exploding, and state Rep. Sherrie Sprenger says relaxing the ban on hunting the big cats with dogs ought to be considered.

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Cougars Confirmed in WI

NBC 12 WI | 2010-08-18

A few drops of blood, preserved by an alert warden, proves that while one male cougar was tracking through St. Croix and Dunn counties this past December, another male cougar was moving near the Flambeau River, 125 miles to the north.

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Black Bear, Mountain Lion License Deadline

Winded Bowhunter | 2010-08-18

For mountain lion licenses, hunters may purchase a mountain lion hunting license at all FWP offices, FWP license providers, or online at ['_trackEvent','outbound-article','']);"> , under Online Services.

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Cougar sightings reported, but proof is rare

Gazette | 2010-08-16

Milton residents Kalen Marsden and Chad Lovelace were in a canoe, fishing a bend on the east end of Rice Lake near Hickory Hills Campground. It was a mid-June day. The fish were biting.

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GF&P proposes lion license fee increase

Rapid City Journal | 2010-08-16

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission proposed bumping up mountain lion licensing fees when it suggested changes for the 2011 season.

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6 Cougars Caught on Single Farm In 2 Months

KEZI nbc 9 Oregon | 2010-08-16

Up to 75 sheep roam the 280-plus acres on a Brownsville farm.

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Human actions set the future of wildlife in the Santa Monicas

Ventura County Star | 2010-08-10

n February 2009, a male mountain lion known as P-12 (for the 12th puma collared with a GPS device by the National Park Service) did what no other known mountain lion has done. He crossed under or across Highway 101 at Liberty Canyon Road in Agoura Hills. There he met a female mountain lion, P-13, and true to mountain-lion gestation, three cubs were born three months later.

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GF&P 50-lion limit proposal higher than staff recommends

Rapid City Journal | 2010-08-09

For the second straight year, the state Game, Fish & Parks Commission is proposing a mountain lion season that would kill more cats than its staff recommended.

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Cougar found, returned to Danville petting zoo

Mansfield News Journal | 2010-08-09

A cougar that escaped from its pen at a petting zoo Thursday night in Danville was found and returned late Friday.

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No prairie chicken season in North Dakota this season, but cougar quota increases

Bismarck Tribune | 2010-08-05

North Dakota wildlife officials have decided to close the prairie chicken hunting season this year but increase the number of mountain lions that can be killed in the western part of the state.

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Panther injured, loses unborn kittens

Florida AP | 2010-08-04

A female Florida panther was recovering after being hit by a vehicle near Immokalee, but her unborn kittens did not survive.

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Fifth cougar killed on sheep ranch

Democrat Herald | 2010-08-04

For the fifth time in two months, a cougar has been trapped and killed on a sheep ranch east of town.

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Letters: S.D. poorly manages lions

Argus Leader -Thomas Mangelsen | 2010-08-02

As usual, South Dakota's mountain lion management plan reflects a desire to maximize hunter "harvest" and ignores the science of cougar management.

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GFP euthanizes hurt mountain lion near Rapid City Sioux Falls | 2010-08-02

Game Fish and Parks officers have euthanized a mountain lion hit by a car near Rapid City. The lion was hit about 1 p.m. Saturday and was put down soon after.

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Twain Harte man kills mountain lion

Union Democrat | 2010-07-30

A Twain Harte man legally shot and killed a mountain lion Tuesday night when it returned to his property after killing one of his sheep.

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Cat and dog lovefest: Cougar cubs find a new mom

USA Today | 2010-07-23

The cubs were given to Cholli, a German shepherd dog with five young puppies of her own. Cholli has cared for them as if they were her own puppies.

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Grants Pass man kills cougar eating goat

Statesman Journal | 2010-07-23

Bryan Bergquist told the Grants Pass Daily Courier that after his grandchildren reported a dead goat on the neighbor’s property and he later heard a neighbor’s mule making a commotion Tuesday night, he drove to town to get bullets for his rifle.

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Letters: Housing invades lion habitat

Argus Leader | 2010-07-20

Even though I no longer live in South Dakota, the state is dear to me. Mountain lions are not the biggest problem in the Black Hills. Rather, overdevelopment is the cause of mountain lion issues in the Black Hills and many other problems.

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Wildlife officials investigate mountain lion shooting deaths

Southern California Public Radio | 2010-07-20

It's illegal to shoot mountain lions in California unless they're taking livestock or threatening people with immediate harm. Officials from the Department of Fish and Game have offered few details about the latest deaths.

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At wildlife refuge, 2 native species fight it out

AZCentral | 2010-07-19

State and federal authorities and environmental groups have fought for several years over a rule that sentences mountain lions to death if they kill too many sheep. In forcing people to intervene and make difficult choices, the dispute adds new layers to the debate over preserving native species.

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Cougar shootings investigated -- one in O.C.

Orange County Register | 2010-07-18

A mountain lion collared for a scientific study was shot and killed in Trabuco Canyon earlier this month -- one of two collared lions killed under questionable circumstances in recent weeks in Southern California.

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Western Neb. woman says she spotted mountain lion

Action 3 News Omaha | 2010-07-18

Authorities are checking into reports of a possible mountain lion in western Nebraska after a Dawes County Sheriff's employee reported seeing one near the courthouse.

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FL Panther wanders into Mississippi - authorities on the hunt

Mercury News | 2010-07-16

Fliers are going up in Cedar Point and surrounding neighborhoods to warn residents of a possible Florida panther sighted in the area.

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How Is Urbanization Affecting Mountain Lions?

KPBS | 2010-07-14

San Diego is a wildlife researcher's paradise. We have an abundance of different kinds of native species in our county the most of any county in the US. But we are also a test case in how we are handling that diversity and our grades are mixed.

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Mountain Lion spotted in Round Rock

Austin News KXAN nbc | 2010-07-13

Several residents in west Round Rock say they have seen a mountain lion foraging for food, mostly along homes near Brush Creek, but it has been known to expand its range.

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GF&P releases five-year mountain lion management plan

Daily Republic | 2010-07-07

In 2005, the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department instituted the state’s first-ever open mountain lion season. Since then, 112 mountain lions have been taken in five seasons by hunters specifically pursuing the carnivorous mammal, which is also known as a cougar.

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DNR Setting Protocol After Many Cougar Sightings

abc 2 WBAY | 2010-07-07

Sightings of one rare animal have Wisconsin DNR wildlife biologists fielding calls almost daily.

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GF&P to slash lion population

Black Hills Pioneer | 2010-07-06

State wildlife managers want to lower the mountain lion population in the Black Hills by 80 animals.

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2 charged with illegal lion kill

KCAU-TV abc | 2010-07-05

Two men are charged in federal court with killing a mountain lion within the boundaries of Mount Rushmore National Park where hunting is not allowed.

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Public input sought on state's mountain lion management plan

Arugus Leader | 2010-07-02

The state Game, Fish and Parks Department is offering citizens an opportunity to review a draft of a new five-year management plan for mountain lions.

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Cougar spotted in Stillwatee

St. Croix Valley Local News MN | 2010-07-02

Six months after a cougar was last spotted in Stillwater, police say another wildcat may be roaming the area.

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Alleged cougar sighting in NE Indiana IN | 2010-07-01

The Loch Ness Monster of northeast Indiana has been born after a picture is taken of what some believe is a cougar or mountain lion.

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Yet Another Florida Panther Killed on a Road

Care 2 | 2010-07-01

Another Florida panther has been killed by a car, the 10th known panther killed by a car so far in 2010. At least 3 more panthers have died from other causes, and as there are estimated to be just 110 Florida panthers alive today these deaths are

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Cougar startles Rupert residents

Times-News ID | 2010-06-30

A male mountain lion gave a few early risers a start on Saturday when he sauntered down 11th Street in Rupert.

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Mountain Lion Reports in Bismarck

KXMBTV Bismarck | 2010-06-30

In just ten days... There have been three reports of mountain lion sightings in Bismarck... but no official evidence.

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Mountain Lion Seen In Peninsula Neighborhod California | 2010-06-30

A mountain lion was spotted Friday night in an unincorporated area of San Mateo County, according to the Office of Emergency Services.

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Tracking a big cat Researchers follow tagged mountain lion's extensive travels and learn about

San Diego Union Tribune | 2010-06-28

Federal agents trapped and killed a mountain lion called M56 in April after it raided a farm near the East County community of Japatul — a common fate that might have escaped greater attention were it not for the GPS collar that tracked his improbable journey.

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Trooper Kills Cougar Impaled On Fence

Fox 12 Oregon | 2010-06-28

An Oregon State Police trooper shot an killed a cougar that was caught on a fence at a residence near Fern Ridge Lake, west of Eugene.

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Mountain lion spotted on Bozeman golf course

Missoulian | 2010-06-28

Golfers at a Bozeman golf course faced a hazard with real teeth - and claws - when a mountain lion decided to play through.

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California mountain lion tracked, researched, killed

San Diego News Network | 2010-06-28

Researchers marveled over the traverses of a GPS tagged California mountain lion, watching the movements of the young cat as it traveled more than 100 miles over two months seeking out territory.

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Biologists use GPS to track mountain lion

Colorado - Fox 21 | 2010-06-25

A state biologist said a mountain lion from Colorado strolled through parts of Kansas this spring.

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Mountain lioness apprehended in Powell

Powell Tribune | 2010-06-25

A young mountain lion was captured without incident just east of Homesteader Park early Saturday morning.

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Florida panther struck and killed by car

Florida AP | 2010-06-25

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the 16- to 18-month-old cat was found early Thursday along a road near Immokalee.

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State says cougars are here, but only in UP

Detroit Free Press | 2010-06-24

A flash of a cougar's hindquarters and distinctive tail was all that showed up on the film, but it was enough to confirm to state wildlife officials another cougar in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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Gilbert residents report seeing mountain lion in neighborhoods | 2010-06-24

Three Gilbert residents have reported seeing a mountain lion four times in a local neighborhood since the end of May.

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Rangers welcome some very cute lion kittens at Santa Monica Mountains

Los Angeles Times | 2010-06-23

"Each mountain lion kitten has been implanted with a tracking device that will allow researchers to follow the kittens’ movement," according to the recreation area. "This is the first urban mountain lion study that has had the opportunity to track mountain lion kittens from such a young age. National Park Service researchers will study the new litter to see if the male mountain lion kitten will attempt to disperse to more expansive habitat when he matures, and if the females will have litters of their own in the future."

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State releases photo of cougar in Upper Peninsula

Detroit Free Press | 2010-06-23

Michigan officials say a blurry photo is yet one more piece of evidence that cougars are back a century after apparently vanishing in the state.

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Cougar regs may change

Jackson Hole Daily | 2010-06-22

Today is the final day to comment on proposed cougar regulations that could mean more cats are killed by people next season.

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Lion killed inside Rapid City limits

Rapid City Journal | 2010-06-21

A mountain lion was shot and killed Saturday morning in the backyard of a Rapid City residence on the city’s southeast side.

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Mountain lion spotted, diverted to open field with pepper balls

Mercury News | 2010-06-17

A few Gilroy residents awoke today to spot a young mountain lion roaming through their neighborhoods, and when police finally caught up to the wild animal, they lured it safely away to an open field.

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Cougar believed to be killing sheep near Mandan

AP - Grand Forks Herald | 2010-06-16

Authorities believe a mountain lion is responsible for the killing of sheep at a U.S. Department of Agriculture research center south of Mandan, but they have been unable to turn up any sign of a cougar.

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Mountain lion suspected in attack found, killed

Verde Independent | 2010-06-16

The Arizona Game and Fish Department found and killed a mountain lion in the direct vicinity of a suspected attack involving a Prescott-area man on Sunday night.

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GF&P commissioner who faced term-limit suit resigns

Rapid City Journal | 2010-06-15

An Aberdeen man who has served on the state Game, Fish & Parks Commission has resigned after being sued by a frequent critic of the board.

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Wildlife officers kill lion after report of Walker attack

Daily Courier | 2010-06-14

Arizona Game and Fish Department officials killed a mountain lion Friday near the home where a Walker resident said a lion attacked him Sunday.

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Be Cougar Smart New Mexico And Get Outdoors | 2010-06-10

National Get Outdoors Day will be celebrated across New Mexico Saturday, June 12, and Governor Bill Richardson wants outdoors people to be “Cougar Smart” as well.

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Island cougar numbers rise

Nanaimo News Bulletin | 2010-06-10

The cougar population of Vancouver Island may not be at historic highs, but it is healthy and grew over the past decade.

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Orphaned ID cougar finds home at Oregon Zoo

Fox 12 Idaho | 2010-06-10

An orphaned young cougar whose mother was legally killed near Preston, Idaho, has found a new home at the Oregon Zoo in Portland.

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Prescott man reportedly attacked by mountain lion | 2010-06-09

Authorities have called off the search for a mountain lion suspected of attacking a Prescott man on Sunday night.

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Cat shot near Mandaree

Minot Daily News | 2010-06-08

MANDAREE - Ron Brugh has heard mountain lions scream and found their tracks but he'd never actually seen a cougar until Sunday night when he shot one in his yard.

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Presentation on cougars in Kansas on Thursday afternoon, June 24th, in Herington

Eastern Cougar Foundation | 2010-06-08

THE KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE AND PARKS Commission meeting is at 1:30 p.m. on June 24 at the Herington Community Building in Herington.

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Mountain lion startles Cody residents

Billings Gazette | 2010-06-08

CODY — A mountain lion startled residents along Ina Avenue Friday, according to Park County Sheriff Scott Steward.

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Dead panther found in Hendry County FL | 2010-06-01

A 12-14-month-old male panther was found dead on the shoulder of County Road 833 in Hendry County this morning.

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Mountain lion management plan angers conservationists

Yuma Sun | 2010-06-01

Ecologists and conservationists are calling the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's new mountain lion management plan a way to continue killing rare desert lions so it can manage the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge as a bighorn sheep game farm.

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NV steps up efforts to kill predators to help deer

KTVN | 2010-05-28

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Wildlife advocates and hunters are up in arms over a state board's decision to step up the killing of mountain lions and coyotes to help increase the deer population.

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Mountain lion believed sighted near Georgetown

Ledger Independent - Ohio | 2010-05-28

The Brown County Sheriff's Office has received two reports in two days of a mountain lion sighting near Georgetown, Ohio.

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Police on prowl for big cat

News-Messanger -Ohio | 2010-05-27

Several people at Covenant Harbor Retirement Center called police Thursday just after 9 a.m. to report they saw a large cat, possibly a female lion or cougar, police Chief Steven Weirich said.

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Florida Panther Experts Honored By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

WCTV - Florida | 2010-05-27

Three Florida panther experts recently received a conservation award from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for their work in managing the endangered species.

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Third Florida panther death in 3 days

AP - Florida. | 2010-05-25

Authorities say a Florida panther cub is dead after apparently being hit by a car over the weekend along U.S. 41 in Collier County.

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Fla. authorities search for cubs of panther killed

Florida AP | 2010-05-24

Authorities are searching for two Florida panther cubs whose mother was killed after being hit by a vehicle.

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Refuge plan for lions, sheep complete

Yuma Sun | 2010-05-24

Under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's new mountain lion management plan, when the bighorn sheep population on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge is above 800, if a mountain lion kills two or more bighorn sheep within a six-month period, it won't have to be lethally removed from the refuge

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DNR Searching For Cougar That Attacked Heifer

News Channel 3 - Madison | 2010-05-19

An attack on a year-old heifer in Juneau County over the weekend will be noted as a historic event in Wisconsin wildlife evolution, the first occurrence of a cougar taking down a domestic animal in more than 100 years, experts said Tuesday.

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Minoters witness cougar attack

Minot Daily News | 2010-05-19

Sometimes a trip to the zoo can be a little too exciting. It certainly was recently for Minoter Vicki Tiffany.

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A Black Hills lion in the Badger State? Maybe

Rapid City Journal | 2010-05-19

Wildlife biologists and hunters in Wisconsin are wondering if the latest visit by a mountain lion, which might have wandered from the Black Hills, is a sign of things to come in the Badger State.

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Ben Lomond man reports dead mountain lion found in Love Creek

Mercury News | 2010-05-17

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Cougars in chaos

High Country News | 2010-05-16

Hot on the heels of a cougar, Catherine Lambert could barely contain her excitement. She had nearly nailed the location of a radio-collared female first captured the previous winter, when her telemetry antenna signaled that the cat had abruptly changed its speed.

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Proposed lion season in state park would have limitations

Rapid City Journal | 2010-05-14

Chances are good that the state Game, Fish & Parks Commission will consider extending the mountain lion season to Custer State Park when commissioners meet to set the lion season in August, GF&P secretary Jeff Vonk said.

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Mountain lion attack suspected | 2010-05-12

Sidney, Iowa —Lynn Benson of Sidney was cutting lumber in a tree line of his property on the morning of Saturday, May 1, down in a draw when something caught his eye.

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Meetings Planned On Wyo. Cougar Hunting Season

Meetings Planned On Wyo. Cougar Hunting Season | 2010-05-11

State wildlife officials are sponsoring public meetings in northeast Wyoming on recommendations for mountain lion hunting season over the next three years.

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Confirmed mountain lion sighting

Confirmed mountain lion sighting | 2010-05-10

GREENE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) - The Department of Natural Resources has confirmed the presence of a mountain lion.

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Mountain lion shot near mountain school

Mountain lion shot near mountain school | 2010-05-10

Deputies shot a mountain lion Thursday near a school beside Big Bear Lake just days after the same cat killed a dog in the area and another lion treed a Lake Arrowhead jogger, officials say.

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Mountain lion spotted in rural Greene County

WTHR - 13 NBC | 2010-05-10

The Department of Natural Resources confirmed a mountain lion sighting in Greene County east of Bloomfield. The DNR collects data and reports sightings on the animals.

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Washington State draft hunting regulations available for review

Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife | 2010-05-04

If you would like to have a copy mailed to you, please call (360) 902-2515, or request a copy in writing at the address listed above. These proposals will be presented to the Fish and Wildlife Commission at their June 4-5, 2010 meeting in Spokane. The Commission will consider adopting or amending these regulations at their August 6-7, 2010 meeting in Olympia.

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Cougar sighting in Boise neighborhood

KBOI2 - Idaho | 2010-05-04

A young mountain lion was spotted in a Boise neighborhood over the weekend.

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Three lions found in subdivision near Hot Springs: Two killed, one driven away

Rapid City Journal | 2010-05-03

When a pet goat and a deer were discovered killed the morning of April 20 behind a home in the Eagle Valley Subdivision, less than a mile east of Hot Springs, there was little doubt what caused the deaths.

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Mountain Lion Removed From Sheridan

AP - Wyoming | 2010-04-29

Wildlife officials tranquilized a mountain lion that took refuge in a tree within the Sheridan city limits.

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Mountain Lion Tranquilized Near Pine Ridge

KCSR South Dakota | 2010-04-28

A South Dakota family was startled this morning (Tuesday) when they discovered a mountain lion had taken residence underneath one of their vehicles. According to Rob Goodman, Biologist with the Oglala Sioux Parks and Recreation Authority, the male mountain lion was spotted at a residence 8 miles east of Pine Ridge at approximately 7 o’clock this morning.

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Mountain lion catches deer on Portola Valley man's porch

Mercury News | 2010-04-28

A Portola Valley resident had a close encounter with a mountain lion over the weekend, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office reported Tuesday.

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FWP seeks comment on lion season regs

Great Falls Tribune - MT | 2010-04-23

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks commissioners have proposed two alternatives for mountain lion hunting season regulations in FWP Region 6 outside of lion Hunting Districts 680 and 690.

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Wildlife Expert Refutes Mountain Lion Concerns

KETV 7 Omaha | 2010-04-23

A wildlife expert once again refuted mountain lion concerns in the Omaha area after big paw prints were seen near Standing Bear lake.

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Mountain Lion Safety Video

Colorado Division of Wildlife | 2010-04-22

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Big cat reports have residents in Thompson talking

Norwich Bulletin | 2010-04-22

Thompson, Conn. —Norman Rudzinski, of Thompson, remembers the piercing screech of the mountain lion he says he saw roaming his property a few years ago.

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FWC Reports Encouraging News For Florida Panthers

WCTV - Florida | 2010-04-20

With spring in full bloom, some positive signs have emerged about Florida’s endangered panther. Biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and Big Cypress National Preserve (BCNP) have been busy documenting active Florida panther dens filled with kittens.

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Hendee: Big cats roam through the state | 2010-04-20

Nine of the 12 confirmed observations of mountain lions in Nebraska since about Thanksgiving were where wildlife biologists expected to see them in the rocky canyons and hills of the Pine Ridge.

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Lead veterinarian sues to oust GF&P commissioner

Rapid City Journal | 2010-04-20

A frequent critic of the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission has asked a judge to bar a commissioner from finishing his term on the panel that sets rules for hunting, fishing and other outdoors activities because he has served too long.

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Saga of Florida panther is 'sordid story'

St. Petersburg Times | 2010-04-19

Although federal officials have talked of moving panthers out of South Florida for 20 years, they have yet to draw up any plans for such a step. Meanwhile Arkansas officials say they do not want the panthers moved there.

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Mountain lions showing up in urban areas

9 NEWS Denver | 2010-04-12

In the last few months, we've received a number of news tips from our viewers telling us about mountain lion sightings in urban areas.

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Mountain lion population growing

North Platte Telegraph | 2010-04-07

Evidence continues to mount that Nebraska has a resident population of mountain lions for the first time in more than a century.

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Big cats come and go

High Country News | 2010-04-06

In early March, a mountain lion chased a Jack Russell terrier into a house near Salida, Colo., surprising a woman and her five-year-old son, who sat coloring with crayons at the kitchen table.

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Mountain lion hunting season ends in 2 counties

Billings Gazette | 2010-04-06

Montana wildlife officials say mountain lion hunting season will end after sunset today for parts of Gallatin and Park counties.

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Mystery of local lion king keeping scientists guessing

Daily News Los Angeles | 2010-04-05

In a tale worthy of Greek tragedy, the lion king of the Santa Monica Mountains a few years ago murdered his lioness and two of his offspring.

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Local Men plead no contest in '08 mountain lion shooting

Napa Valley Register | 2010-04-05

Four men have pleaded no contest to their involvement in shooting a mother mountain lion and her cubs.

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A Plank Road Panther?

Courier News - IL | 2010-04-05

Could as many as 16 witnesses in the Elgin-Pingree Grove area be mistaken when they claim to have seen the mysterious big cat we have named the Plank Road Panther?

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Close Encounters Of A Lion Kind: Meeting Cougars, Foxes, Bears ... and Bear Poop

Marc Bekoff -Psychology Today | 2010-04-05

Because my living space encroaches on the terrain of mountain lions and many other carnivores-- including coyotes, red foxes, and black bears--the likelihood of meeting one of these beasts is fairly high.

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Predator control not the key to more deer

Elko Daily Free Press | 2010-04-03

NDOW has shown in a well-done monograph published in 2004 that recent deer numbers are related, primarily, to habitat issues. Furthermore, NDOW does not own or control the deer habitat in this state and therefore cannot be expected to run a deer farm operation, even if it wanted to do so.

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Mountain Lion encounters can be exciting and risky - Cheyenne | 2010-04-02

lthough rare, you may have the fortune (or misfortune) to run into a big cat…Mountain Lion. Now and then we hear in the news that someone may have lost a pet from their yard or a Cougar has been spotted in the neighborhood.

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Most comments so far seek fewer lions

Rapid City Journal | 2010-04-01

Public comments have been consistent across the state in a series of Game, Fish & Parks Department meetings on mountain lions: We have too many.

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Cat trackers sniff out the truth

Denver Post | 2010-04-01

For Colorado mountain lion AM06, every day is like "The Truman Show" for felines — the authorities are always watching. A satellite signal snaps his exact location every three hours as he wanders his 230-square-mile territory from Nederland to Lyons.

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VIDEO -The Mine-Shaft Lion

Hunting with Andrew McKean | 2010-03-31

You’re chasing a 180-pound mountain lion, but instead of sticking in the tree, growling at the baying hounds beneath him, the tom leaps from the pine and bounds over the hill.

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House OKs bills to protect hunting, alter nominations to wildlife panel

Arizona Daily Star | 2010-03-30

Patterson also said he believes the system HB 2189 would set up is skewed, saying the screening panel members who would represent hunting would come "mostly from the side of trophy hunting, less emphasis on habitat protection."

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The Day the Safety Net Failed

Mountain Lion Foundation | 2010-03-26

A year ago two tiny mountain lion kittens exposed a huge hole in California’s mountain lion protection policies. Even the state known for setting the standard in lion protection still has work to do before mountain lions will truly be "specially protected."

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Florida road system to warn of panthers FL | 2010-03-26

State and federal agencies are going high-tech to prevent Florida panther roadkill. This summer, the Florida Department of Transportation will install a series of roadside animal detection systems (RADS) along a section of U.S. 41 near Bass Lake Road within Big Cypress National Preserve.

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Mountain lion spotted again

Wyoming -Little Chicago Review | 2010-03-25

Diamondville – A second mountain lion sighting in Diamondville has prompted a reminder to residents from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department: Do not feed the deer. Kemmerer Game Warden Andy Countryman and Cokeville Game Warden Neil Hymas have been working to locate the mountain lion since it was first reported in January.

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GF&P: Cougars Not Major Presence In Area

Press & Dakotan | 2010-03-25

A mountain lion was shot six years ago inside Yankton, but the animals are not considered a major presence in southeast South Dakota, according to a state Game, Fish and Parks official.

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Mountain lion visits Woodside home

The Almanac | 2010-03-25

That Woodside is mountain lion country is not news. Sightings in Woodside are a regular feature of the county-wide e-mail alert system. Observers, when interviewed, tend to feel blessed by the experience.

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GF&P: Cougars now kill as many Black Hills deer as hunters

Rapid City Journal | 2010-03-24

Some hunters don’t like the increased competition from lions, said Mike Kintigh, GF&P regional supervisor in Rapid City.

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Lion tests negative for disease

The Mountain Mail | 2010-03-23

Test results were negative for rabies in the a young male mountain lion that entered a home about nine miles northwest of Salida March 4 killing one dog and injuring three others.

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Mountain Lion Captured In Santa Fe - Animal Relocated To Remote Part Of Carson National Forest

KOAT - NM | 2010-03-22

A mountain lion that had been traveling through Santa Fe neighborhoods was captured Wednesday morning near Santa Fe High School and relocated to a remote part of the Carson National Forest in northern New Mexico.

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Big Cat Caught

ABQ Journal | 2010-03-22

When Monica Apodaca heard a mountain lion had been seen prowling Santa Fe on Tuesday, she worried about her husband, who has been working outdoors in the area of the sightings.

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On the cougar trail - Team investigates sightings, tracks throughout U.P., state

Daily Press - Michigan | 2010-03-19

Few issues addressed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in recent years have been as controversial as cougars.

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Mountain Lion meetings planned

Midwest Agent | 2010-03-17

"We are in the process of updating South Dakota's mountain lion management plan," Tony Leif, GFP Wildlife Division director said. "An important early step in that process is to gather public input."

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Woman says puma mauled her horses

Watertown Daily Times | 2010-03-16

Rebecca M. Perry finds it hard to believe that a black bear savagely mauled her two horses at her Silver Hill Road home last summer.

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Panther found dead at Corkscrew trailhead

Naples News | 2010-03-15

A dead Florida panther was found over the weekend along Corkscrew Road at at a Corkscrew Marsh trailhead in Collier County.

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Mountain Lion Hunting to Close in Districts 211 and 216

KECI Missoula | 2010-03-15

The hunting of all mountain lions in western Montana hunting districts 211 and 216, which includes portions of Granite and Missoula counties, will close one-half hour after sunset on Friday, March 12, 2010.

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After the mountain lion attack, she beat fear

Orange County Register | 2010-03-12

Five-foot-four with the lithe, athletic body of the personal trainer that she is, I wondered what kind of shape Hjelle's spirit was in.

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Authorities search Monmouth County wooded areas for mountain lion sighted by motorist

New Jersey Real-Time News | 2010-03-12

Police and wildlife officials are searching wooded areas and neighborhoods along the Manalapan and Marlboro after two people reportedly spotted a cougar prowling along a roadway early this morning, authorities said.

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LETTER: GF&P causing problems, not fixing them

Rapid City Journal | 2010-03-11

Once again the Guns, Fees & Politics (GF&P) Commission has proclaimed another successful mountain lion hunting season. Not hard to do when you have no clue what you are doing other than economically exploiting a natural resource!

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Mountain lions spotted near U of U campus

Fox 13 Utah | 2010-03-11

Employees and students working near Research Park at the University of Utah are being told to be extra cautious. Property managers at the university say three mountain lions have been spotted wandering unusually close to the Williams building and inside the parking garage.

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GF&P to hold statewide public meetings on mountain lions

Argus Leader | 2010-03-11

State Game, Fish & Parks Department officials will be on the road over the next few weeks visiting with South Dakota citizens about mountain lions. We are in the process of updating South Dakota's mountain lion management plan,” said Tony Leif, GF&P Wildlife Division director. “An important early step in that process is to gather public input.”

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Something on the prowl in East Texas neighborhood | 2010-03-10

An East Texas farmer says something is on the prowl on his land and he has a picture to prove it. Chuck Arena snapped a photo of a large, fresh paw print he found on a pile of clay.

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Sighting of 'mountain lion' causes stir in Duxbury

Boston Globe | 2010-03-10

A contractor working on a house in Duxbury caused a stir when he reported that he saw a mountain lion. But state officials say the mysterious visitor was probably only a more common denizen of the woods: a coyote.

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La Pine residents react to deadly cougar attack

KTVZ Oregon | 2010-03-09

A cougar attacked a horse in La Pine over the weekend, causing injuries so severe, she had to be put down. But the troubling part, residents say, is where officials believe the big cats are calling home.

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Colrado State University says 21 people were exposed to plague from dead mountain lion

Denver Post | 2010-03-08

Several Colorado State University veterinary students, eager to see a dead mountain lion, were exposed to the plague in November, as were employees of the school's new Diagnostic Medicine Center. No one got sick as a result of the exposure. But the incident did reveal gaps in health-insurance coverage for vet students and in procedures for dealing with plague-infected wildlife at the $42 million center, school officials say.

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Despite 'Sightings,' Mountain Lions Remain Elusive In Connecticut

Hartford Courant | 2010-03-08

The e-mail came with a subject line "mountain lions in New York." As fast as I could I opened the file, and there they stood: three magnificent cougars, pumas, catamounts, ghost cats — whatever you want to call them — with their sleek bodies and tawny coats standing out in the deep snow next to a car.

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Mountain lion euthanized after invading Chaffee County home

Montrose Daily Press | 2010-03-06

An apparently malnourished young mountain lion entered a Chaffee County residence Thursday afternoon, killing one dog and briefly trapping a mother and her two children inside the house until sheriff's deputies evacuated them, reports the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

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Was the last wild cougar in Pennsylvania shot in Berks County? | 2010-03-04

Today, the mountain lions are but a memory in these parts. They've been gone since 1874.

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DEC to look into cougar sightings in Allegany County

Wellsville Daily Reporter, NY | 2010-03-03

Officials from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation say they will look at some photos and into cougar sightings in Allegany County.

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Oregon's cougar problem is bad, getting worse

Gazette Times | 2010-03-02

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Mountain lion kills 4 baby goats near Swanton in 'wholesale slaughter', owner says

Santa Cruz Sentenial | 2010-03-01

A hungry mountain lion scaled a wall and wiggled between strands of barbed wire to get into a pen of baby goats off Swanton Road on Thursday night.

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Hunter invents device for attracting mountain lions

AZ Central | 2010-03-01

Most people try to avoid mountain lions. Mark Healy has a special device that calls them. Healy's Queen Creek-based business, Wildlife Callers, sells two special calling devices that help hunters attract mountain lions.

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Mountain lion attacks goat in Portola Valley

Oakland Tribune | 2010-02-26

A mountain lion attacked a pygmy goat in a Portola Valley backyard last week and then scampered off when a woman rushed out of her house screaming and waving her flashlight at it, authorities reported.

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Face-to-face with a lion

Omaha World Herald | 2010-02-24

Rancher Dale Wellnitz trailed fresh mountain lion tracks across his northwest Nebraska ranchstead before they seemed to vanish near the barn.

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Mountain lion found near Santa Paula dies of injuries

Ventura County Star | 2010-02-22

A severely injured mountain lion captured north of Sulphur Springs and Santa Paula on Thursday was given to a wildlife rescue organization, but the big cat died while in transit to a veterinary clinic, the organization’s director said Friday.

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Environmental groups file lawsuit to protect panthers

Hearld Tribune - Florida | 2010-02-22

Wilderness losses have prompted five environmental groups, including the powerful Sierra Club, to sue the federal government for failing to protect Florida panthers as required by the Endangered Species Act.

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Big Wash. cougar killed after bull attacked

Seattle Times | 2010-02-22

Washington state Fish and Wildlife agent says a large male cougar believed to have killed a bull on the Olympic Peninsula has been tracked with hounds and fatally shot.

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Officials stumped by Va. cougar sightings | 2010-02-19

Virginia wildlife officials said they are struggling to make sense of recent mountain lion sightings at the southern end of the state's Eastern Shore.

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A Kansas lawmaker from cattle country has mountain lions in his sights | 2010-02-17

After years of reported sightings, Kansas wildlife officials last fall finally confirmed the presence of a live mountain lion in the state.

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Big cats finding a home to roam- Sanctuary seeks new $250,000 enclosure

San Diego Union Tribune | 2010-02-17

Conrad the mountain lion hid in his cave at a wild cat sanctuary east of Alpine, his yellowish eyes peering warily at the visitors outside his fence.

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Maybe you can be too safe

By The Kansas City Star Editorial Board | 2010-02-15

His law also protects Kansans from the dangers posed by wolves. Wildlife officials note there haven’t even been rumors of wolves in the state (they are endangered and federally protected) in 40 years. No word yet on whether Holmes will add Bengal tigers and Great White sharks to the open season list.

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Lion hunters use snow, calls for record Black Hills kill

Rapid City Journal | 2010-02-15

Of that total, 24 were females, a fact that continues to worry Dr. Sharon Seneczko of Custer, a veterinarian and president of the Black Hills Mountain Lion Foundation. Seneczko and other lion advocates have argued against increases in the overall lion limit and the sub-limit. The 2005 season had an overall limit of 25 lions but a sub-limit of five breeding-age females.

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Dog owner fends off raccoon with Samurai sword

Mercury News | 2010-02-12

Dawson originally told authorities that the animal that fought with Stunna was a mountain lion, but officials with the California Department of Fish and Game notified him Thursday that the offending animal appears to have been a large raccoon.

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Reports of lion in Northern New York a hoax

WCAX - Vermont | 2010-02-12

Have catamounts returned to the mountains of Northern New York? State wildlife officials say the answer is no, despite reports circulating via email and text message.

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South Dakota Mountain lion season closed as hunters reach limit

Rapid City Journal | 2010-02-11

The mountain lion hunting season in the Black Hills closed Wednesday after 40 lions were reported killed for the 2010 season –- the limit set by the state Department of Game, Fish & Parks.

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Kansas lawmaker proposes that hunters be allowed to target mountain lions | 2010-02-10

A Kansas legislator is proposing that hunters be allowed to target mountain lions in the state. Rep. Mitch Holmes, a St. John Republican, said Monday more mountain lions were being seen in the state, and the animals endangered livestock and farmers.

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Humane Society ranks N.D. low on animal protection laws

Grand Forks Herald | 2010-02-10

North Dakota ranks near the bottom and Minnesota in the middle in a 50-state ranking by the Humane Society of the United States on a wide range of animal protection laws.

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Collar malfunction complicates ND lion tracking

AP | 2010-02-09

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has been having trouble tracking a mountain lion since its satellite collar malfunctioned.

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Couple takes extra measures against future mountain lion attacks

Santa Cruz Sentinal | 2010-02-08

Owners of a small goat haven off Glen Canyon Road tried desperately to save their pet goat, Hanukkah, before she bled to death from a mountain lion bite to the neck.

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Poaching bill's punch restored

Argus Leader | 2010-02-08

A bill that would raise the fines for poaching trophy wildlife in the state was amended back to its original language Thursday, setting up a vote by the full state Senate.

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29 mountain lions harvested

Rapid City Journal | 2010-02-08

Two more mountain lions were killed this weekend in the Black Hills area, raising to 29 the mountain lions killed thus far in South Dakota's 2010 hunting season. Nearly 75 percent of the big cats allowed to be killed have been taken.

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Two report encounter with mountain lions in park

The Sacramento Bee | 2010-02-05

Wildlife officials have ended the search for two mountain lions after two hikers reported a confrontation in a San Mateo County park.

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Fish and Game awaits word on cougar

Idaho Mountain Express & Guide | 2010-02-04

After a mountain lion was involved in a spate of confrontations with dogs last week in Bellevue, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game continues to monitor the situation.

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Rumors of panther or cougar spark search in Rome for large, black cat

Rome News Tribune, Georgia | 2010-02-03

Missing pets and several reported sightings of a large, black panther-sized cat since last fall have led a group of citizens to hire a private group of trackers to try and capture the elusive animal — if it exists.

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Mountain lion tally now at 26

Rapid City Journal | 2010-02-03

As of late Tuesday, 26 mountain lions have been killed in South Dakota’s 2010 mountain lion hunting season.

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Cougar killed near Fred Burr Creek

PERRY BACKUS Ravalli Republic - Missoulian | 2010-02-02

Officials and locals are hoping a mountain lion killed last week in the Fred Burr Creek drainage is the same animal that’s been killing pets and livestock in the area for several months now.

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Mountain lion harvest count at 23, 15 females

Rapid City Journal | 2010-02-01

As of Friday, 23 mountain lions have been killed in South Dakota's mountain lion hunting season. Of those, 15 are females, according to the informational hotline of the state Department of Game, Fish & Parks.

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Game Commission deals with Internet hoax

Trib Total Media | 2010-02-01

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials in two different parts of the state have been dealing with the same Internet hoax.

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Mountain lion attacks dogs in Bellevue

Idaho Mountain Express | 2010-01-29

Idaho Department of Fish & Game Wildlife Manager Randy Smith confirmed that a mountain lion has been responsible for attacking a number of animals in Bellevue, including a dog that was badly injured last night.

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Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History seeks entries for mountain lion exhibit

Monterey County - The Herald | 2010-01-25

Have you seen a mountain lion in California, or even snapped a photo of the elusive big cat? If so, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History would like to hear your story.

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The magic of cougars

The Victoria Times Colonist | 2010-01-24

Cougars help make Vancouver Island what it is. Most of us never see one. But their existence confirms that the wildness at the heart of this land has not been lost as humans have claimed more and more space for their own.

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2 panthers found dead in southwest Florida

Florida AP | 2010-01-24

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that an 8-month-old uncollared male panther was found dead in Collier County Friday along Interstate 75. The death appeared to be caused by a vehicle collision.

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Stanford warns of mountain lions on campus Washington D.C. | 2010-01-24

In this area we call them cougars, and we don’t see them too often. But this week, Stanford University was forced to issue a bulletin warning all students that evidence was found of a mountain lion wandering around last weekend in an area of campus near the Stanford Golf Driving Range. A University utilities worker spotted what were apparently fresh tracks on trails not far from nearby graduate student housing.

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ND rancher finds 4 mountain lions in barn | 2010-01-21

Watford City area rancher shot and killed four mountain lions after finding them eating a deer carcass they had dragged inside a barn.

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Injured cougar killed near Prineville

The Observer | 2010-01-21

An injured cougar was killed by a reserve Crook County sheriff's deputy who found in near a Prineville-area home.

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Bigger fines pitched to fight poaching

Argus Leader | 2010-01-20

Given the penalties for poaching in South Dakota, conservationists say it's cheaper for someone to illegally shoot a trophy mule deer than it is to pay for a guided hunt.

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First 2010 Florida panther death confirmed

AP | 2010-01-20

Wildlife officials say the first Florida panther death in 2010 has been confirmed. The panther was found dead Monday night in Lee County.

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Hunter Shoots Mountain Lion Believed To Have Attacked Family Pet - Lion Said To Be Famished, In Poor

7 news ABC | 2010-01-19

A hunter shot a mountain lion believed to have mauled a family dog near Lake City, Colo.

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Mountain lion tally at 18

Rapid City Journal | 2010-01-19

So far this week, 45 percent of the licenses have been filled in the third week of South Dakota’s 2010 mountain lion hunting season. More than half of the limit on female mountain lions has been reached.

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Mountain lions drag off family dog

The Gazette - Colorado Springs | 2010-01-18

Scamp was a yappy little dog, a beloved family pet that had seemed paranoid lately.

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Lion count reaches 17 in the Black Hills

Rapid City Journal | 2010-01-18

As of Sunday, 17 mountain lions have been killed in South Dakota's 2010 mountain lion hunting season.

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Iowa man who shot mountain lion is unapologetic, group says lion didn't have to die

13 WHO NBC - Iowa | 2010-01-16

An Iowa hunter who shot a mountain lion last month has defended his actions.

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Journey brings in big cat for wildlife display

Rapid City Journal | 2010-01-14

In the heart of South Dakota mountain lion hunting season, The Journey Museum in Rapid City is trying something news -- adding big cats to its wildlife exhibit.

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With mountain lion killed Monday, count up to 15 in Black Hills

Rapid City Journal | 2010-01-13

Hunters killed two mountain lions in the Black Hills over the weekend and another on Monday, raising the season total to 15.

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Police Investigate Cougar Sighting In Minneapolis

WCCO | 2010-01-12

Police are investigating another possible cougar sighting in Minneapolis.

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14 cats killed so far in mountain lion hunting season

Argus Leader | 2010-01-12

The 2010 mountain lion season started Jan. 1 and a total of 14 cats have been harvested as of today - five males and nine females.

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Dead mountain lion found on Highway 17 near Los Gatos

Mercury News - Megha Satyanarayana | 2010-01-12

A mountain lion was found dead this morning on Hwy 17 south of Cat's Restaurant outside of Los Gatos.

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Refuge to take part in mountain lion study

El Defensor Chieftain | 2010-01-11

Beginning Monday, Jan. 11, the portion of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge that lies east of the Rio Grande will be closed to the public in order to initiate a mountain lion study.

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Mountain lion killed Wednesday

Black Hills Pioneer | 2010-01-11

A seventh female mountain lion was killed Wednesday. The lion was shot 1 mile northwest of Hayward.

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Legislature roundup: Bill would create permit to kill aggressive mountain lions

Journal Star | 2010-01-08

A bill introduced Wednesday on the first day of the legislative session would create a permit allowing farmers and ranchers to kill mountain lions that prey on livestock.

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Mountain lion sedated, relocated from Boulder's Uni Hill

Daily Camera - Boulder, CO | 2010-01-07

The Colorado Division of Wildlife sedated and removed a juvenile mountain lion from Boulder's University Hill neighborhood on Wednesday morning.

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Mountain Lion Sightings Across The Tri-Counties

KEYT-3 ABC Santa Barbara | 2010-01-07

Santa Barbara, CA-- Residents in mountain communities and canyons along the central coast have been spotting mountain lions.

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Mountain lion sighting in Arizona

KOLD News 13 | 2010-01-05

There are more reports this morning of mountain lion sightings in the Phoenix area.

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Lion sighting near Pinedale prompts precautions

AP - Wyoming | 2010-01-04

A recent mountain lion sighting near Pinedale is prompting the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to recommend ways to avoid encounters with the big cats.

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Family dog protects child from cougar attack | 2010-01-04

One dog proved his loyalty yesterday when he headed off a charging cougar about to attack his 11-year-old owner.

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Nine mountain lions killed in South Dakota season count

Rapid City Journal | 2010-01-04

As of Sunday, nine mountain lions have been killed in South Dakota’s 2010 mountain lion hunting season. Of the nine mountain lions harvested, six are females, according to the informational hotline of the state Department of Game, Fish & Parks.

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Record number of endangered Florida panthers killed by vehicles in 2009

The Weekly | 2009-12-31

Yesterday, wildlife officials confirmed the death of the 16th Florida panther killed this year on a Florida roadway, eclipsing last year’s number of 10 panthers killed by vehicles and representing a new record high for the imperiled native cat.

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Mountain lion kills llama in Alta, Wyo.

Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide | 2009-12-30

A male mountain lion attacked and killed a llama at a private residence off State Line Road in Alta during the weekend before the owner shot the cat dead Monday as it fed on the llama’s carcass.

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Mountain lion shot in Alta

Rachael Horne - Teton Valley News | 2009-12-30

A mountain lion that killed and fed on a llama in Alta was shot on Monday. Lou Centrella, who lives on State Line Road, said he noticed the gate where he kept his three llamas was open. He found one llama dead and another missing. He also noticed several large tracks that he thought came from a cat. He called Fish and Game and was then put in touch with a Teton County Wyoming sheriff's deputy.

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Mountain lion kills Summit County family's dog

Deseret News - Utah | 2009-12-29

A Summit County man shot and killed a mountain lion at his home but not before the animal killed the family's Yorkshire Terrier.

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Famous tracker offers up info on cougars

Coshocton Tribune - WI | 2009-12-29

First came the cougar. Now comes the world-famous cougar tracker.

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State should outlaw killing of rare species

State should outlaw killing of rare species | 2009-12-21

What a sad day for the state of Iowa when beautiful species as the mountain lion is killed for no other justification than to have a taxidermist mount it into a full mount.

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Panthera: Mountain lions in Iowa? Maybe next year.

Panthera, Huffington Post | 2009-12-21

On Monday afternoon, a hunter in eastern Iowa had the rare luck to see a mountain lion. Mountain lions, like most wild cats, are secretive creatures and are notoriously hard to see in the wild. And, not only does this hunter get to see a mountain lion, he gets to see the first one that has been seen in the state in 5 years.

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Possible cougar tracks found in Wisconsin

Possible cougar tracks found in Wisconsin | 2009-12-21

Experts said animal tracks discovered in Wisconsin could belong to a cougar seen wandering recently in Minnesota.

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Beautiful animal needlessly slaughtered

Desmoines Register | 2009-12-18

The Department of Natural Resources has said that mountain lions typically leave humans alone unless cornered. I hope Goebel does not consider himself a hero in this slaughter. He sat 40 yards away and shot the nonthreatening lion using a rifle with a scope.

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Big Sur Land Trust advances conservation goals in Gabilan watershed

Tachel Zentz - The Californian | 2009-12-18

The Big Sur Land Trust announced today it has received the donation of a conservation easement on the 1,107-acre Colinas Ranch owned by Dr. Ron and Mrs. Linda Stoney.

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Orphaned Lane County cougar cubs heading to new homes

Katy Muldoon, The Oregonian | 2009-12-18

The cougar approached. The homeowner fired. And that's the short explanation for why two strikingly elegant cougar cubs, dark spots accenting their golden coats, ended up at the Oregon Zoo over the past week and a half.

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Whoops: Mountain Lion Shot Near Marengo Male, Not Female

KCRG-tv | 2009-12-17

Turns out the mountain lion shot by a Cedar Rapids hunter north of Marengo Monday wasn’t a female after all.

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Iowa Deer Hunters Kill Mountain Lion

Fairfield Voice -Will Merydith | 2009-12-16

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is reporting that a deer hunter shot and killed a male mountain lion near Marengo, Iowa. Raymond Goebel of Cedar Rapids was hunting with a group just outside of Marengo when he spotted a Mountain Lion up in a tree. Goebel shot and killed the cat, which weighed in around 125 pounds.

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Grassy Butte man gets eighth cougar

Bismarck Tribune - North Dakota | 2009-12-15

A Grassy Butte man hunting with hounds killed the eighth mountain lion in Unit 1 Friday, closing the season for that part of the state.

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Group asks court to stop lion trapping

Yuma Sun | 2009-12-14

The Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity filed briefs last week in federal court seeking to prevent the Arizona Game and Fish Department from trapping mountain lions in areas where jaguars have been known to reside.

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Reward Offered After Decapitated Panther Found - Florida | 2009-12-11

They're some of the world's rarest cats, but someone killed a Florida panther in south Osceola County and cut off its head. Wildlife officials are offering a reward as they hunt for the hunter.

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Game Warden found guilty of hunting violation

Buffalo Bulletin - Grant Smith | 2009-12-10

In a trial that attempted to put hard definitions on the abstract concepts of fair chase and proper sportsmanship while hunting, Lusk resident and former Kaycee Wyoming Game and Fish Department Game Warden Brady Vandeburg was found guilty in Johnson County Circuit Court on one charge of failing to immediately take or release a treed mountain lion.

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Mountain Lion attack reports unfounded

Torrington Telegram, Carson LeMahieu -WY | 2009-12-10

Recent rumors circulating around Torrington of a mountain lion attack on three horses in the area are simply not true, local game officials say.

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Seventh cougar killed in Unit 1

Bismarck Tribune - North Dakota | 2009-12-08

The seventh mountain lion killed in Unit 1 this season was taken by an Alexander man Saturday.

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Mountain lion sighted in northern Twin Cities neighborhood

Argus Leader | 2009-12-08

Residents of a northern Twin Cities neighborhood are on edge after a cougar was sighted in the Champlin area. A police dash camera caught the large cat on tape early Saturday. A Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officer watched the tape and confirmed to KSTP-TV that the animal is a cougar.

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Details on Mountain Lion Shot in Bismarck - Bismarck | 2009-12-04

A mountain lion is taken down in town... bringing up a (slew) of different questions.

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Hunt success: A mixed bag this season hunter success

Great Falls Tribune - Montana | 2009-12-04

Hunter success varied this season by both species and location but one certainty permeated check station reports — mule deer harvests plummeted because both mule deer numbers and the number of permits to hunt them are down.

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Firearm hunters take 53,641 deer, two report mountain lion encounters

The Chadron Record | 2009-12-03

Hunters harvested 53,641 deer in Nebraska during the recent firearm season, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The 10-day season also saw at least two hunters in the Pine Ridge area who had close encounters with mountain lions.

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Mountain Lion Killed in Bismarck City Limits

KX | 2009-11-30

Quite a sight in North Bismarck tonight....Again this happened right in town...

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Why doesn't GF&P relocate cougars that wander into city?

Kevin Woster Rapid City Journal | 2009-11-30

John Kanta listened to people cry, swear and complain in the days following the killing of a mountain lion that was found in a Storybook Island neighborhood.

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Major Southwest Exhibit Explores Relationship Between Elusive Creature & Humans

Capital Wire PR - Colorado | 2009-11-25

The Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, in conjunction with the San Juan Mountains Association, the Southern Ute Tribe, and Durango Nature Studies, have partnered with Sorrel Sky Gallery to open a major exhibit entitled Mountain Lion!

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Some lion hunting closes

Great Falls Tribune - Montana | 2009-11-25

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks closed northcentral Montana hunting districts 413 and 432, which include portions of Cascade, Meagher and Judith Basin counties, to all mountain lion hunting effective half an hour after sunset today.

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Mandan hunter kills sixth cougar

Bismarck Tribune - North Dakota | 2009-11-23

A Mandan hunter has killed the sixth mountain lion of the season, leaving two cats remaining in the quota before the season closes in zone 1.

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All Mountain Lion Hunting To Close Hd 312 & 393

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks | 2009-11-23

The hunting of all mountain lions in southwestern Montana hunting districts 312 and 393, in portions of Gallatin, Park and Meagher counties, will close at one-half hour after sunset on, Saturday, November 21, 2009.

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G&FP kills lion captured near Storybook Island

Emilie Rusch - Rapid City Journal | 2009-11-20

A 2-year-old mountain lion was found in a city neighborhood near Storybook Island on Thursday morning.

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Cougar Hunting Permits Available UTAH | 2009-11-17

Another cougar hunting season starts in Utah on Nov. 18. And even if you didn’t obtain a limited-entry permit for the hunt, you can still participate.

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Man shoots mountain lion taking cat nap in front yard

Kim Skornogski Great Falls Tribume MT | 2009-11-17

A Hays man recently shot a 200-pound adult mountain lion sprawled in a tree just 40 feet from his front door — further evidence that the big cats are moving into Montana's prairies.

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Back on the range: Bighorn sheep get some help to survive on the Stansbury

Brett Prettyman The Salt Lake Tribune | 2009-11-17

Big-game wildlife transplants are risky, costly and uncertain. Some animals try to find their way home, others settle into their new digs and a few get eaten.

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DNR: No plans for U.P. cougars

Dionna Harris | 2009-11-12

Although it has been confirmed there are cougars in the Upper Peninsula, the Department of Natural Resources is not looking to develop management plans. Brian Roell, a wildlife biologist with the DNR, said although there has been confirmation made recently through a trail camera in the eastern Upper Peninsula, cougars will remain a non-game species in Michigan.

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Anaconda boy shoots mountain lion in self defense

John Grant Emeigh Montana Standard | 2009-11-09

It was the big cat's eyes that haunted Eric Boyd. The 14-year-old from Anaconda was hoping to bag his first elk on opening day Sunday. Instead, he found himself face-to-face with a large mountain lion. "It was his eyes that really hit me," he told The Montana Standard Friday. "They stared right at me and were glowing yellow-gree

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Wyoming hunter bags deer, then hungry lion

AP | 2009-11-07

Retired orthopedic surgeon Chris Smith thought his hunt was over when he bagged a white tail deer with a bow and arrow near Sheridan. Because the light was fading, he decided to return the next day to recover the deer. But when he returned Wednesday morning, the carcass had been covered by grass and bush — which is what mountain lions typically do.

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Officials confirm more cougar evidence in UP

John Flesher- Chicago Tribune | 2009-11-05

A photograph and tracks found recently in the Upper Peninsula have rekindled a debate over whether Michigan has an established, breeding cougar population.

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5th mountain lion killed in western ND

Bismark Tribune | 2009-11-05

North Dakota's Game and Fish Department says five mountain lions have now been killed in the western part of the state. The season will close there if three more are killed before the end of March.

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The Last Cougar in Kendall Village

Kenny Malone | 2009-11-05

WLRN Miami Heraldreporter and Under the Sunassociate producer Kenny Malone recently interviewed Angel Pardo, the owner of a 16-year-old cougar named Kimba. She’s one of just a few mountain lions licensed to live in residential areas in South Florida after new restrictions kicked in last August.

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Cougar Controversy: Are the Big Cats Breeding in Minn.?

Becky Nahm ABC - Channel 5 | 2009-11-04

Cougars, also known as mountain lions or pumas, have been spotted in Minnesota. But there's disagreement over whether the big cats have moved in or are only passing through.

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Mountain lion spotted near Lema Ranch in east Redding

Dylan Darling - Record Searchlight | 2009-11-04

From now on, Gail Paulsen is going to wear a bear bell when she walks her dog near her home in east Redding.

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Does hunting really benefit the hunted? The case of cougars...

Rob Goldstein - Conservation Maven | 2009-11-04

A new study in the journal Ecology finds that the hunting of cougars and other large carnivores may not be so good for their long term viability. While this might seem obvious on the surface, it runs contrary to a widely embraced theory that many wildlife agencies use to manage hunting.

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Cruising cougars? Father, son report seeing two mountain lions in Twin Lakes

Jill Tatge-Rozell - Kenosha News, WI | 2009-11-04

Two mountain lions were reportedly seen crossing Lance Drive near Highway O late last month. It is the first time two have allegedly been spotted together in the state.

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Mountain lions prey selectively on prion-infected mule deer

Terry Singeltary | 2009-11-03

The possibility that predators choose prey selectively based on age or condition has been suggested but rarely tested. We examined whether mountain lions (Puma concolor) selectively prey upon mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) infected with chronic wasting disease, a prion disease.

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Lion Season to Open Again on Uncompahgre Plateau

Colorado Division of WIldlife Press Release | 2009-11-03

For the first time since 2004, hunting season for mountain lions will open again this year in a special study area west of Montrose.

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Three Florida panthers killed by cars

Kevin Lollar- Florida | 2009-11-03

Vehicles have killed three Florida panthers since Oct. 19, including a female kitten hit Sunday on County Road 833 in Collier County.

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Cougar sightings in White County Indiana

Tiffanie Dismore | 2009-11-03

In September, residents in the Idaville area said they had seen a cougar wandering around, but no evidence of the animal could be found. However, there is now evidence that a cougar is indeed on the loose in White County.

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Cougar hunt to open in Colorado area that has been off-limits since 2004

Kelly Burgess -Los Angeles Times | 2009-11-03

An area of western Colorado that has been off-limits to mountain lion hunting since 2004 will open for a limited season beginning in mid-November. The hunting season on a portion of the Uncompahgre Plateau will open Nov. 16 and run through Jan. 31, unless the quota of eight cougars is reached before then

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Hunter shoots cougar in self-defense

John Grant Emeigh Montana Standard - Billigns Gazette | 2009-11-02

It was the big cat's eyes that haunted Eric Boyd. The 14-year-old from Anaconda was hoping to bag his first elk on opening day Sunday. Instead, he found himself face to face with a large mountain lion.

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Limited lion season to open on plateau

Katharhynn Heidelberg - Montrose Daily Press, CO | 2009-11-02

Five years ago, the Division of Wildlife launched a study into mountain lion population dynamics on the Uncompahgre Plateau. It’s now launching the second phase, a “treatment” period, which will allow limited hunting in the study area and, researchers hope, provide state-specific data concerning assumptions about lion populations in Colorado.

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Mountain lion kills 2 alpacas Ranch manager declines offer to kill predator

Tony Evans - Idaho Mountain Express | 2009-10-30

Two baby alpacas were taken from an outdoor pen and killed by a mountain lion Wednesday night at a ranch north of Hailey.

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Lion trapped in Deadwood

Mark Watson - Black Hills Pioneer | 2009-10-26

One day after wildlife officials killed a female mountain lion within Deadwood city limits a kitten was captured by a trap.

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Hoax photo doesn't help believability of mountain lions in Poconos

Pocono Outdoors John Serrao | 2009-10-26

There's a saying that "things aren't always what they appear to be." Never has this been more accurate than in today's digital, computerized world.

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Cougar captured on trail cam

Fox - TV6 MI - Upper Penninsula | 2009-10-23

An image of a mountain lion has been recorded on an Upper Peninsula game camera. We received an email with the photo attached that had been forwarded several times before it reached our inboxes.

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GF&P kills lion found in backyard

AP - South Dakota | 2009-10-22

A state trapper killed a mountain lion that had been eating a deer in a homeowner's backyard in Deadwood, and now officials are looking for a home for its kitten.

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Man recounts confrontation with mountain lion

AP - Utah | 2009-10-22

A Syracuse man out for the season opener of the Utah deer hunt had a fearful encounter with a female mountain lion.

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Mountain lion killed in Deadwood city limits

Kevin Woster Rapid City Journal | 2009-10-22

A mountain lion was killed within the Deadwood city limits Wednesday morning after the big cat, and possibly another, apparently killed a deer in a backyard in town. A South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department trapper killed one lion Wednesday, but the hunt wasn't over, because police reports early in the day indicated that two lions were in the area.

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Wildlife and Parks confirms sighting of mountain lion in Kansas

Witchita Eagle Staff | 2009-10-21

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks said today that it has verified the live sighting of a mountain lion in the state for the first time.

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Two recent panther deaths confound biologists

Eric Staats, Naples News | 2009-10-20

A case of a Florida panther found dead in an orange grove east of Ave Maria has been turned over to federal investigators. The cause of death is unknown, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologist Dave Onorato said Monday.

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New collars provide more info on mountain lions in Black Hills

Sioux City Journal | 2009-10-19

South Dakota wildlife officials say new satellite collars on mountain lions are giving them a better understanding of the animals in the Black Hills. The collars are an upgrade from radio collars. Fifteen lions have been equipped with them so far.

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There's Nothing So Rare as a Cougar in Missouri

Wall Street Journal - JUSTIN SCHECK | 2009-10-19

When Jeff Beringer got a Sunday-night call from a deer hunter who said he had shot an aggressive mountain lion last fall, he whipped the Missouri Mountain Lion Response Team into action.

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Third Mountain Lion Killed in Western ND

KFGO Regional News, ND | 2009-10-14

A third mountain lion has been taken in the badlands in western North Dakota. Game and Fish Furbearer Biologist Stephanie Tucker says the cat was taken by Mike Filkowski of Watford City, ND.

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Does the mountain lion roam Pa?

Mike Kuhns- Pocono Record | 2009-10-14

The last known mountain lion in Pennsylvania was killed in Berks County in 1874. And yet today the debate continues: Are there mountain lions in Pennsylvania? Depends on who you talk to, I guess. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is always open to review evidence, but to date only hoaxes have crossed the PGC.

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2 baby cougars find home at WSC

Clint Riese - Forest Lake Times | 2009-10-13

The Wildlife Science Center near Forest Lake welcomed five orphaned cougar cubs last Friday. The non-profit education and research facility, based in the Carlos Avery Wildlife Area in Columbus, will raise two of the cubs, both males. The three females will be taken to the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone.

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Oregon cougar hunting plan draws protests

AP - Brad Cain | 2009-10-12

Wildlife advocates are protesting the state's move to expand a program to hunt cougars to reduce conflicts with livestock, big game, people and pets.

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Zoo unveils carnivore exhibit

Kevin Elliott - Topeka Capital Journal | 2009-10-12

A pair of mountain lions emerging from their den Friday evening were the highlight of the party as dusk settled over the Topeka Zoo's Kansas Carnivore Bash

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WA Public Safety Cougar Removal Applications Due October 19 | 2009-10-08

Washington hunters who own cougar-tracking dogs, and are interested in assisting the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) with public-safety cougar removals, have until Oct. 19 to apply for special permits.

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Hunting for the right result - ODFW cougar killing study falls short, raising questions about its mo

Mail Tribune - Southern Oregon | 2009-10-08

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife made the right decision in dropping a controversial cougar study in Southern Oregon, but not before giving itself an unnecessary black eye.

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Florida panther No. 113 now a mother, Florida | 2009-10-08

No one knew panther No. 113 was a mom until a camera, paid for by Southwest Florida schoolchildren, captured an image of the tawny mother and her cub.

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Arizona Cougar Shooting Plan Misguided

PEER Press Release -Daniel Patterson & Kirsten Stade | 2009-10-08

Federal and state agencies are on the verge of biological malpractice in their plans to continue “lethal removals” of a small, shrinking cougar population based in Arizona’s Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, according to comments filed by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

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Florida panther found dead in Hendry County

AP - Miami Herald | 2009-10-07

State wildlife officials say a Florida panther was found dead on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian reservation in Hendry County.

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Students saving pennies to track panthers

Sarah Hollenbeck - WZVN, Florida | 2009-10-07

There are only 100 panthers in Florida and 13 have been killed so far this year. Now some Southwest Florida children are saving up to keep help keep tabs on the animals.

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2nd mountain lion killed in western N.D.

AP - North Dakota | 2009-10-06

A second mountain lion has been killed this fall in western North Dakota. State Game and Fish Department biologist Stephanie Tucker says the cat was killed Saturday by a hunter in Billings County who was looking for elk.

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Search continues for evidence of mountain lion

Geoff Cunningham Jr. - Foster's Daily Democrat | 2009-10-06

Despite several reported sightings, Fish and Game Wildlife Biologist Patrick Tate says he has yet to find hard evidence that a mountain lion was wandering the state's southeastern region last month.

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Mountain lions seen in area

Lisa Call, The Dickinson Press, ND | 2009-10-02

Mountain lions have allegedly been spotted on a South Heart golf course and near a local veterinarian’s horses, but the North Dakota Game and Fish says they have no concrete evidence the sightings are in fact big cats.

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Man meets mountain lion on Howelsen

John F. Russell, Steamboat Pilot & Today, CO | 2009-09-30

Mountain bike rider Dave Dietrich wasn’t sure how he should feel Monday evening after coming across a full-grown mountain lion on Emerald Mountain.

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ND reports season's 1st mountain lion killed

AP -Bismarck Tribune | 2009-09-30

North Dakota is reporting the first mountain lion killed since the state season for hunting the animals opened this fall.

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Lawsuit coming if panthers aren't protected, environmental groups say

Eric Staats, Naples News | 2009-09-29

A courtroom could be the next stop for a push to designate millions of acres in South Florida as critical habitat for the endangered Florida panther.

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DNR wildlife manager provides cougar fact sheet

Paul Relander, Bemidji Pioneer- MN | 2009-09-29

Cougars (sometimes referred to as “mountain lions” or “puma”) were found throughout most of Minnesota prior to European settlement, though never in large numbers. Today they are rarely seen but do occasionally appear.

Mountain lion kills deer on Redwood Avenue

The Willits News staff - CA | 2009-09-28

A woman in the 500 block of Redwood Avenue on the west side of Willits, told Willits police she saw a mountain lion kill a deer near her home early Thursday morning.

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Wildlife commission: No mountain lions in WNC

Citizen Times, Asheville, NC | 2009-09-28

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is warning the public that a photograph of a mountain lion purported to be taken in western North Carolina is actually from Texas.

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Controversial cougar study comes to end

Mark Freeman - Mail Tribune OR | 2009-09-25

State wildlife biologists say they will abandon a three-year-old study that failed to show that killing cougars in Jackson County curbs livestock losses and human-safety complaints involving large predators.

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Mountain lion backlash

Molly Miron, Bemidji Pioneer -MN | 2009-09-25

Since the story ran Monday on the Bemidji PIoneer Web site and in Tuesday's newspaper about a Bemidji resident striking and killing a young mountain lion on Carr Lake Road...

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Police spot mountain lion in east Colorado Springs

Maria St. Louis-Sanchez - Colorado Springs Gazette | 2009-09-24

Two Colorado Springs police officers spotted a mountain lion darting through a shopping center and into an apartment complex early today.

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Fish and Game reports possible mountain lion sighting in Barnstead

Brendan Berube - Salmon Press, NH | 2009-09-23

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department reported late last week that one of its staff members spotted what they believed to be a mountain lion in Barnstead while following up on a routine report of a mountain lion sighting.

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Shorter cougar-hunting season to be restudied

Tony Davis - Arizona Daily Star | 2009-09-14

The emotional, divisive conflict over the length of the mountain-lion-hunting season is clearly not over, two years after a unanimous Arizona Game and Fish Commission vote to cut it from year-round to nine months.

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Cougar sighted near Snoqualmie Elementary

Valley Record, WA | 2009-09-11

Parents of schoolchildren at Snoqualmie Elementary School were warned Thursday afternoon, Sept. 10, of a cougar sighted between Meadowbrook Farm and Centennial Fields in Snoqualmie.

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Panther killed on I-75

Naples News | 2009-09-10

A Florida panther was struck and killed by a vehicle over the weekend on Interstate 75, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported.

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Mountain lion kills dog in Moorpark

Anna Bakalis - Ventura County Star | 2009-09-04

A mountain lion attacked and killed a dog in a Moorpark neighborhood early Thursday morning, authorities said.

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Seattle's Discovery Park closed by cougar

AP - Washington | 2009-09-04

State Fish and Wildlife officers hope a trap baited with fish and elk liver will catch a cougar spotted in Seattle's Discovery Park.

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Researchers track mountain lions through Lockheed Fire

Kurtis Alexander - Santa Cruz Sentinel | 2009-09-02

Two days into the Lockheed Fire, when flames were racing down the western slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains, UC Santa Cruz researcher Paul Houghtaling was eager to know the well-being of the area's largest predator -- the mountain lion.

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Mountain lion sighting near Elm Creek unconfirmed

Betsy Friedrich- Kearney Hub, NE | 2009-09-02

Wildlife biologists were unable to confirm reports that a mountain lion was near Elm Creek Tuesday.

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Second cougar caught in Manson

Michelle McNiel- Wenatchee World, WA | 2009-09-01

An emaciated young cougar caught by wildlife officers last Friday in urban Manson was likely the litter mate of another cougar found just two blocks away on July 4.

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Rooftop officer shoots, kills mountain lion

Pat Dobbs -Rapid City Journal staff, SD | 2009-08-31

Reports of mountain lions in Rapid City almost always turn out to be overfed house cats, Sgt. Chris DeGroote said Saturday. After the second call of a mountain lion strolling a street about 9 a.m. near Robbinsdale Park, he knew this was no fat tabby.

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Young Cougar Goes on Exhibit at the Zoo

News Channel 34- Binghamton, NY | 2009-08-31

The young Cougar was found wandering with her sister in California. The mother was not with the kittens, which is very unusual for these cats which are very protective of their young.

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Panther color confounds expert

Andrea Stetson - News-Press Fort Myers, FL | 2009-08-28

Mark Lotz has been working with Florida panthers for 15 years, but he's never seen anything like the baby panthers he recently found in Collier County.

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Should Arizona sell sheep tags to lions?

Emily | 2009-08-27

That's right, the Kofa offers a "once in a lifetime sheep hunt" according to AGFD who has separated the Kofa into 3 Game Management Units, and sells tags for each one. The hunter success rate has averaged 89% over the last 20 years. So, just to recap, the message AGFD is sending is: A) You have the right to kill protected sheep as long as you pay a fee to the state, and 2) It's okay for humans to kill sheep for fun, but not for lions to kill sheep for subsistence.

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Officers search for cougar taken from crash scene

KXLY -Post Falls, Idaho | 2009-08-27

An elusive cougar spotted in Post Falls over the past few months may be dead. On Sunday, a mountain lion was hit by a driver on I-90 and now fish and game believe another driver stopped and illegally took the animal.

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Three cougar sightings in three days near Keno

KTVL | 2009-08-27

Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife have received information of three cougar sightings in the last three days in a Keno area neighborhood southwest of Klamath Falls.

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Cougar Kills Alpacas in Jefferson County

Kitsap Sun staff - WA | 2009-08-27

State wildlife officers are hunting a cougar on the Toandos Peninsula in Jefferson County following an attack Wednesday morning in which the cougar apparently killed two alpacas.

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Lion attack: Landscape crew witness cougar kill deer

Terry Knight-- Record-Bee staff | 2009-08-26

A large male mountain lion killed an adult buck deer in the backyard of a Clear Lake Riviera residence on Tuesday morning. The killing took place within a few feet of a landscaping crew that was working in the area.

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DOW officials give advice on keeping animals off property

MELINDA MAWDSLEY/The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel | 2009-08-25

Conflict between wild animals and humans may not be as big a problem in the Grand Valley as it is in neighboring, more mountainous communities, but problems still exist

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Cougar makes a cameo

Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska | 2009-08-25

A trail camera mounted on a leaning boxelder tree in northwest Nebraska's Pine Ridge captured an image of a mountain lion as it roamed out of a creek bed on Aug. 15.

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Are authorities dealing with the mountain lion population appropriately? -Glendale News-Press poll

Glendale News Press | 2009-08-24

47% say -No. We should remember who came first, and treat our wild neighbors with more respect.

Public input sought on mule deer situation

Steve May - Silver City Sun News | 2009-08-24

I want to inform your readers of pending meetings being planned in Silver City, Grant County and many other New Mexico mountain communities by the state Game & Fish Department.

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Random Arizona Diamondbacks Notes » Next Story Critical bighorn sheep population continues to strugg | 2009-08-24

Feds seek comment on draft EA; proposed action will allow needed management

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Mountain lion spotted in Calleguas Creek bed

Camarillo Acorn - California | 2009-08-21

A woman reported seeing a mountain lion the morning of Aug. 13 in the Calleguas Creek wash area between Upland and Creekside roads. Camarillo police officers checked the area but did not find the animal. Authorities with the Department of Fish and Game and Ventura County Animal Control were notified.

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Apply soon for western districts mountain lion tag

Great Falls Tribune - Montana | 2009-08-21

Those wanting to hunt mountain lions in western Montana's Regions 1 and 2 this fall and winter must apply by Aug. 31.

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Woman says she encountered mountain lion on Deer Valley trail

Patrick Parkinson - Park Record - Park City, UT | 2009-08-20

Stefanie Wilson said she almost came face to face with the animal on the trail connecting Queen Esther Drive with Snowtop. A Park City woman said she was not injured when she nearly confronted a mountain lion Aug. 5 in Deer Valley.

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Investigation finds no evidence of mountain lion near Malcom

JOE DUGGAN / Lincoln Journal Star | 2009-08-19

An investigation into a reported mountain lion sighting near Malcolm did not turn up confirming evidence.

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Cougar Hound Killed In Hunt

David Wiwchar Alberni Portal | 2009-08-19

One specialized cougar hound is dead and another two seriously injured after a weekend attack near Rainy Bay.

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Car, Cougar Collide Near Quilcene - Washington | 2009-08-18

A woman was driving outside Quilcene when a cougar came out of the woods and collided with her car.

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Officials say Hubbardston mountain lion reports exaggerated

Karen Nugent TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF | 2009-08-17

An announcement on the town's official Web site warning residents about a mountain lion wandering around likely refers to a bobcat, animal control officer Deborah H. Giordano said today.

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Three young cougars killed after stalking Princeton residents

Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun | 2009-08-17

Princeton residents are being warned to keep an eye out for cougars after three "killer cats" were shot and killed in a two-week period after they were seen stalking people at a campground, a swimming hole and a baseball tournament.

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Mountain lion captured in eastern part of Denver metro ar

The Denver Post | 2009-08-17

A mountain lion on the far east edge of the metro region was tranquilized in a mobile home park shed this morning.

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Meet the Newest Mountain Lion of the Santa Monica Mountains

Zach Behrens | 2009-08-17

Well, she may not be the newest or youngest in our local mountains, but she is the most recent cougar to be trapped, tagged and released by the National Park Service, who has been conducting a study with them over the past seven years.

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Possible wild cat spotted

Julie Arrington - Forsyth News | 2009-08-12

Tina Walker was enjoying a quiet Sunday night with her husband when something strange walked through the couple's backyard.

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Saving the Puma

Mickey Z. - Pacific Free Press | 2009-08-12

The puma is also called cougar, mountain lion, panther, and sadly, endangered. The only more widely distributed land mammal in the Western Hemisphere is the human... and therein lies the problem.

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DNA links cougar killed in Georgia's Troup County to south Florida panther population

Tim Chitwood - | 2009-08-11

The tests are in, and the cat was wild. DNA tests show the cougar a Newnan man shot in Troup County last November was a Florida panther, and apparently not, as authorities initially suspected, an animal that had been held captive.

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Nebraska wildlife officials probing big cat sighting

Associated Press | 2009-08-10

Nebraska wildlife officials are investigating a reported mountain lion sighting near Malcolm and say they have some evidence to help them.

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DOW kills mountain lion near school

Jason Gonzales - Durango Herald News | 2009-08-07

Colorado Department of Wildlife officials killed a mountain lion at Park Elementary School on Monday morning after a woman in the neighborhood called police.

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Leavenworth trail closed after cougar encounter


LEAVENWORTH, Wash. -- A popular trail two miles north of Leavenworth has been closed until a cougar that chased a mountain biker is removed.

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Cougar Sighting Hoax in Newark

Evan Axelbank | 2009-08-07

The Department of Environmental Conservation gets dozens of calls about strange animals every year. In this case, they say the animal in question, a cougar, was part of a prank that went too far.

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Big cat spotted in Braselton

By Katie Dunn - Times regional staff | 2009-07-29

Could a big cat be prowling the town of Braselton? Chad Nichols seems to think so. The Falls of Braselton resident witnessed the unexplainabl....

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Bambi gone wild!

Ken White President, Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA | 2009-07-29

.....Wildlife (everyone from snails and mice to deer and mountain lion) are coming to your backyard because there's a reason, or likely a multitude of reasons,....

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Cougarwise kids help educate Upper County about cougars

By MARY SWIFT - Daily Record WA | 2009-07-29

For eight years, students in the district collected data about cougars and how human activities affect their habitat and behavior.

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Man says he fends off lion with chainsaw in Wyo.

AP | 2009-07-17

CODY, Wyo. — A man says he used his chainsaw to fight off a starving mountain lion that attacked him while he was camping in the Shoshone National Forest.

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Mail carrier on route east of Crookston says mountain lion ran across road

Crookston Daily Times - MN | 2009-07-17

Reports of a mountain lion east of town have been made this week. Kathy Aamot of Crookston told the Times on Wednesday that while delivering mail...

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Mountain lion still a mythical creature in area

Scott Monroe-Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel | 2009-07-17

Sorry, but it wasn't a mountain lion. That's the determination state officials made Thursday of a sample of feces, known as scat, found June 8 on Riggs Brook Lane in northern Augusta.

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The Squeeze is on for BC's Big Cats

Chris Genovali, Island Tides | 2009-07-16

DWR proposes increase incougar hunting permits - Southern Utah | 2009-07-16

The number of cougars hunters take in Utah this season should be similar to the number taken over the past four seasons.

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Man reports mountain lion attack near Elk River Moscow, Idaho | 2009-07-15

ELK RIVER, Idaho -- A Moscow man reported he was attacked by a mountain lion Saturday evening while camping near Elk River.

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Bend teen may not have seen cougar, but issue remains

Nina Mehlhaf, KTVZ.COM Oregon | 2009-06-29

Some homeowners are taking precautions after a Bend teen thought he saw a cougar Thursday afternoon in the northeast part of town.

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Mountain lion spotted in Hunter Creek area

Mikey Marazza - Payson Roundup | 2009-06-29

A mountain lion has been spotted in Hunter Creek. Jo Armistead has heard the cat over the last two weeks and Ralph and Dottie Christofferson said every morning it wakes them up below their home making an awful sound.

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Dogs help Oregon couple fend off cougar attack

By Associated Press | 2009-06-26

COVE, Ore. (AP) — The first camping trip of the season for a Cove couple turned into an encounter with a cougar that ended with dogs and people teaming up to send the big cat into retreat.

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Dogs help Oregon couple fend off cougar attack

COVE, Ore. (AP) | 2009-06-26

The first camping trip of the season for a Cove couple turned into an encounter with a cougar that ended with dogs and people teaming up to send the big cat into retreat.

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Welcome to the Food Chain

Erin McCarthy | 2009-06-18

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Number of animals killed by agency more than doubles

Susan Montoya Bryan | 2009-06-18

The number of animals poisoned, shot or snared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture more than doubled last year, and environmentalists who are critical of the killings renewed their effort Tuesday to limit the agency's funding for such activities.

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Hunters Are Depleting Lion And Cougar Populations, Study Finds


Sport hunters are depleting lion and cougar populations as managers respond to demands to control predators that threaten livestock and humans

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Lion trapped, relocated from north Boulder neighborhood

Jean Spencer | 2009-06-18

Wildlife officials: Young cougar killed house cat but did not pose public safety risk

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Hunters Are Depleting Lion And Cougar Populations, Study Finds


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Lion research continues in Black Hills

WAYNE ORTMAN | 2009-06-16

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - A closer look at diet is the next phase in a study of mountain lions in the Black Hills, research that's gone high-tech to learn more about an animal that few South Dakotans will ever see in the wild.

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AP EXCLUSIVE: Wildlife whistleblower case in NV

By SCOTT SONNER, Associated Press Writer | 2009-06-10

A former professional hunter for the U.S. government claims in a whistleblower complaint that he was fired in retaliation for reporting co-workers who illegally shot two mountain lions from an airplane in northeast Nevada.

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Man shoots, kills mountain lion in backyard

9NEWS NBC - Colorado | 2009-06-03

BOULDER - A man shot and killed a mountain lion on Sunday after it attacked his dog, according to a report in Boulder's Daily Camera.

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Not your ordinary stray kitty

By Don Amend- Powell Tribune | 2009-06-03

After receiving a dose of tranquilizer from a dart fired by Luke Ellsberry of the Wyoming Game and Fish, a mountain lion slowly relaxes on his perch at the home of Mike and Pam Masterson on North Bernard Street Sunday morning.

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Pet Mountain Lion Bites Girl

WTOV News 9 | 2009-05-27

A 10-year-old girl is listed in good condition at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh after being bitten by a mountain lion in Columbiana County.

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Are SD Mountain Lions Eating Livestock?

Radio 1380 KOTA | 2009-05-26

While ranchers are worried about mountain lions attacking their livestock, one study said there is nothing to worry about.

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Mountain Lion Attack 'A Lie'

By Patric Hedlund | 2009-05-26

A 16-year-old boy and his friend limped into the coffee shop adjacent to the Screaming Squirrel restaurant in Pine Mountain Village on Sunday, May 17 at about 4:30 p.m. They were seeking assistance for what observers thought

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Are SD Mountain Lions Eating Livestock?

Radio 1380 KOTA | 2009-05-26

While ranchers are worried about mountain lions attacking their livestock, one study said there is nothing to worry about.

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Possible sightings of big cats reported in Ohio

By MICHAEL ARTHUR, Staff Writer - The Ledger Independent | 2009-05-26

Potential sightings of some very big cats have cropped up on the Buckeye side of the Ohio River Valley, including a possible glimpse of what some local residents believe to be a mountain lion.

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Mountain Lion escapes at Great Bend Zoo

Kera Mashek KSN News NBC Kansas | 2009-05-26

Great Bend police had to shoot a mountain lion Sunday night that got loose at the Brit Spaugh Zoo.

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More than 1 year after cougar shot in Chicago, remains stored at Field Museum

Associated Press | 2009-05-26

The remains of a 150-pound cougar shot and killed more than a year ago on Chicago's North Side are being stored at the Field Museum.

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Man escapes cougar encounter - Sun Peaks, BC

Lailani Mendoza - SPIN News Magazine | 2009-05-18

Number one rule when you encounter a wild animal: Do not turn your back and run. It may be easier said than done when you're...

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Big-cat accounts continue - North Carlolina

O.C. Stonestreet - Statesville Record & Landmark | 2009-05-18

Last Sunday's column brought out another sighting of the large cat that has been seen recently in northern Iredell County.

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Cougar Sighting Reported Near Chippewa Falls

WQOW -18 ABC Eau Claire | 2009-05-18

The Wisconsin DNR receivesanotherreport that someone spotted a cougar, which has the agency wondering if there are at least a few big cats roaming western Wisconsin...

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Wildlife agent kills cougar near Bridgeport


BRIDGEPORT, Wash. -- A state Fish and Wildlife officer shot and killed a cougar that had climbed a tree near a home in Bridgeport.

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GF&P to consider higher lion kill - GF&P Commission proposes raising lion limit; one commissioner wa

By Kevin Woster, Rapid City Journal staff | 2009-05-13

South Dakota mountain lion hunters could kill an additional five female lions under a 2010 hunting season proposed by the state Game, Fish & Parks Commission Thursday.

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Pedestrian reports mountain lion near University Avenue in Palo

Jason Green Daily News Staff Writer | 2009-05-13

A possible mountain lion was spotted sunning itself Tuesday afternoon on San Francisquito Creek in Palo Alto, according to a police spokesman.

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Neb. experts confirm presence of mountain lion


The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has confirmed the presence of a mountain lion near Columbus.

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Mountain lion shot Sunday in Scottsbluff

ROGER HOLSINGER | 2009-04-01

A 70-pound female mountain lion was shot and later euthanized Sunday morning east of Scottsbluff High School.

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Cougar shot in Bossier City


A young male cougar shot by police in a Bossier City neighborhood didn't appear ill, a state wildlife official said Wednesday.

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Cops kill cougar on North Side

Jeremy Manier and Tina Shah | 2009-03-31

Neighborhood stunned as animal cornered, shot in back alley

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Troup cougar weighed 140 pounds

TIM CHITWOOD | 2009-03-31

State authorities say the cougar a Newnan, Ga., man killed Sunday near West Point Lake in Troup County had characteristics of an animal that had been held captive.

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Monumental National Wilderness Bill Passes Congress

Paul Spitler & Drew Bush | 2009-03-26

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, which would permanently protect more than 2 million acres of America's wilderness

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Conservationists turn out to kick off Save the Florida Panther Week

Leslie Williams | 2009-03-18

When it comes to saving the Florida panther, much more hangs in the balance than the fate of a single species in an isolated geographical area, experts say.

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Students Track Mountain Lions As Class Project

Paul Day | 2009-03-18

Madeline is one of ten, bright students from Estes Park that are partnering with the Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy to study Colorado's top predator, the mountain lion.

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Buckley wants ODFW answers on cougar study

Mark Freeman | 2009-03-18

Rep. Peter Buckley wants the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to justify, both scientifically and fiscally, its killing of cougars as part of a study on whether thinning predator numbers can reduce human-safety conflicts and livestock damage.

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Big Cat Kill Still Gets Big Bucks


A week after Oregon lawmakers voted to reduce funding for education and social service programs, the conservation advocacy group Big Wildlife wonders why a plan to kill 2,000 cougars is still fully funded.

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Police shoot roaming lion

The Daily Inter Lake | 2009-03-10

A young mountain lion roaming around homes in the lower Big Mountain area was dispatched Tuesday by Whitefish police.

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Bill would require ODFW to play bigger role in wildlife protection

Amy Sienicki | 2009-03-09

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to develop and implement a program to help farmers and ranchers reduce conflict between people and wildlife through non-deadly means.

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DNR drops cougar search, for now

Jana Hollingsworth | 2009-03-07

Wisconsin wildlife officials suspended their search for the mountain lion spotted near Spooner this week.

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GF&P reviews lion hunting season

AP | 2009-03-07

SPEARFISH, S.D. (AP) — Information from this year's hunting season on mountain lions will be used by state game officials to make a recommendation for next year's season to the Game, Fish and Parks Commission.

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Wisconsin wildlife officials pursue mountain lion

By COLIN FLY - Associated Press | 2009-03-06

MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin wildlife officials continued Thursday to pursue a mountain lion roaming near Spooner in an effort to fit it with a radio collar.

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Mountan Lion Cub Poses Imminent Danger?

Cheri Shankar | 2009-03-03

Last week in the sleepy town of Santa Paula, California a mountain lion wandered into someone's backyard and after a brief standoff was killed by the police. Mountain lions are protected in this state mostly due to Proposition 117 which passed in 1990 and banned mountain lion trophy hunting.

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Biologist says weather could affect cougars


Bismarck, N.D. (AP) The state Game and Fish Department says three of the mountain lions killed in the state this year had shortened tails from frost bite damage and two had frostbitten ears.

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Cougar Sightings Puts Community on Edge

David Shepherd | 2009-03-02

For the past week, cougar sightings have been reported in Terre Haute.

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Cougar sightings confirmed in 2002?

WGMD 92.7 | 2009-03-02

DNREC this week said no physical evidence of a cougar in Delaware has been found, however, WGMD has come across an apparent report by DNREC from 2002 which stated that they believed that there were at least two and possibly more than two cougars in the first state.

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Second reported mountain lion attack of horse in Inland area this week

Jessica Logan | 2009-03-02

A mountain lion attacked a horse in the La Cresta area west of Murrieta, the second such equestrian attack in the Inland area this week, a state Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist determined Friday.

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Woman seeks permit for captive mountain lion

AP | 2009-03-02

A woman described as an "animal behaviorist" is seeking a state permit to possess a mountain lion on rural property about 30 miles south of Miles City.

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AZ Game & Fish bill way over the top on commissioners

The Arizona Republic | 2009-02-23

A proposal at the Legislature would make it harder to become a member of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission than governor.

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Aberdeen native bags 4th-largest mountain lion on Canadian hunt

LUKE HAGEN | 2009-02-20

After five long tiring days of hunting, a 200-pound-plus mountain lion fell from a tree, possibly putting Mitchell resident Jeff Jarman in the record books.

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Arizona Game and Fish collars first wild jaguar in United States

Arizona Game and Fish Press Release | 2009-02-19

Jaguar conservation has just experienced an exciting development with the capture and collaring of the first wild jaguar in Arizona by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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Mountain lion killed in Santa Paula neighborhood

AP | 2009-02-17

Police shot and killed a mountain lion Tuesday as it advanced toward a resident in a Ventura County neighborhood

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NV plans to kill more mountain lions criticized

Martin Griffith , AP | 2009-02-15

RENO, Nev.—Mountain lion advocates are up in arms over new plans announced by Nevada wildlife officials to kill more lions in order to help reverse a decline in mule deer numbers.

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You May Be Attracting Mountain Lions to Your Property


Colorado’s abundant wildlife is often cited by residents as one of the things they like best about living here. During the mid and late 20th century, Colorado’s growth brought people in closer contact with deer, elk, and other wildlife species, to the delight of a new generation of wildlife watchers.

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Mountain Lion Season Ended Saturday


The 2009 South Dakota mountain lion season closed Saturday with the harvesting of the 14th and 15th female lions.

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Ebay Urged to Halt Guided Trophy Hunt Auctions

Kelly Burgess | 2009-02-14

Some North American wildlife advocacy groups are urging eBay to ban the posting of certain guided trophy hunts currently available on the online auction site.

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Mountain lion season closes with 26 cats shot

Barbara Soderlin, Journal staff | 2009-02-14

South Dakota's fourth mountain lion hunting season ended Saturday when a hunter harvested a 78-pound female cat in Meade County. The lion was the 15th female of the season, a harvest limit.

Mother mountain lion captured, reunited with kitten

Heath Urie, Colorado Daily | 2009-02-13

BOULDER, Colo. — A mother mountain lion was captured overnight Wednesday and reunited with her kitten, which was caught a day earlier while stuck in a tree in Boulder’s Newlands neighborhood.

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Authorities shoot, kill cougar in downtown Ashland, Ore.

AP, The Seattle Times | 2009-02-07

Oregon State Police say officers have shot and killed a cougar in downtown Ashland because of public safety concerns.

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"Mountain lions" often turn out to be bobcats

Barry Parr, Coastsider News | 2009-02-06

Many of those mountain lions, which seem to be spotted more and frequently, may in fact be bobcats, reports the County Times. In the desert, female mountain lions have a range of about 32,000 acres and males about 64,000 acres (100 sq miles).

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End of season approaches for mountain lion hunt

Staff reports, Sioux Falls Argus Leader | 2009-02-06

With the taking of the 13th female mountain lion on Monday, state Game Fish & Parks Department officials remind hunters to check the season status before going out to the field.

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Senate rejects plan to use dogs for lion hunting

Bob Mercer, American News Correspondent | 2009-02-06

The state Senate strongly refused Wednesday to allow mountain-lion hunters to use dogs in South Dakota. The vote was 27-6 against the bill sponsored by Sen. Gordon Howie, an avid big-game hunter.

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Angel The Dog Saves 11 Year-Old From Cougar Attack (UPDATE) (VIDEO)

Huffington Post | 2009-01-06

It's a story straight out of Old Yeller. 11-year-old Austin Forman was stepping out to collect firewood outside his family's home in Boston Bar, British Columbia, when a cougar approached him, poised to attack.

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Trail camera near Atoka snaps a mountain lion

NewsOK - Oklahoma | 2009-01-06

Ryan Ritter of Atoka couldn’t believe what he was seeing on New Year’s Day when he looked at the photos from his new trail camera

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Lion hunting districts closed

Great Falls Tribune - Montana | 2009-01-05

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks today announced that it has closed all mountain lion hunting in four hunting districts in southwest Montana and that it will close two in western Montana because quotas have been met there.

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Mom fends off cougar with cleaning rag in second B.C. attack

The Globe and Mail - British Columbia | 2009-01-05

Pinned face down in the snow by a cougar, seven-year-old David Metzler Jr. was already bleeding from wounds to his scalp and back when his mother came running from the church, armed with nothing but a scrub rag.

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Male Mountain Lion Hunting Closed In Districts 445 And 455

Montana News Reports | 0000-00-00

The hunting of male mountain lions in north-central Montana hunting districts 445 and 455, which includes portions of Cascade, Lewis and Clark and Meagher counties, closed at one-half hour after sunset on Monday, April 11, 2011.

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Mountain lion roaming Santa Fe | 0000-00-00

A mountain lion spotted near downtown Santa Fe Tuesday morning may be living in a residential area, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish said while warning people to take precautions.

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Montana's big-game hunting season ends; no extensions planned

Missoulian - AP | 0000-00-00

Montana's 2009 general big game hunting season will close at one-half hour after sunset on Sunday.

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Cougar caught in Seattle being released in wild

AP - GEORGE TIBBITS | 0000-00-00

A cougar that apparently had lived in Seattle for more than two weeks and forced the city's largest park to close was captured early Sunday and returned to the wild, state wildlife officials said.

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Mother Fights Off Cougar to Save Son

MIKE BRODY - Fox 61 | 0000-00-00

A 5-year-old Canadian boy is recovering after being attacked by a cougar in Washington state last week.

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Predatory mountain lion killed

Predatory mountain lion killed | 0000-00-00

State game officials killed another collared mountain lion that they say has been preying on bighorn sheep in the Kofa Mountains Complex Predation Management Area.

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