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Current and Archived news about cougars.

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On the Trail of the Ghost Cat

Anne Bolen | 2013-02-01

Researchers studying the elusive movements of cougars are learning that the cats' behavior may reflect changes in their habitat.

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Bighorn sheep may have adapted to mountain lions | 2011-07-12

Although still a favorite snack for hungry mountain lions, bighorn sheep may have adapted to the presence of the predator, which may account for steadier herd population numbers on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

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Mountain lions sighted on Scottsdale golf course

The Arizona Republic | 2011-03-25

A north Scottsdale couple feel lucky to have made a rare sighting of three mountain lions this week on the fourth hole of Desert Mountain Golf Club's Cochise Course. Desert Mountain resident Linda Borman said she quickly snapped a few photographs on Monday afternoon after her husband, Ty, saw the mother and her two cubs lounging on the fairway of the 546-yard, par-5 hole.

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Mountain lion killed in collision on Hwy 260

Verde Independent | 2011-02-11

Camp Verde Marshal's deputies and Camp Verde Fire crews were dispatched to an accident involving a car and a mountain lion on State Route 260 near Verde Lakes Drive Tuesday night.

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Mountain lion sighting in Arizona

KOLD News 13 | 2011-01-05

There are more reports this morning of mountain lion sightings in the Phoenix area.

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Forest officials raising awareness over mountain lion sightings

KVOA | 2010-10-25

With the number of Sabino Canyon visitors increasing this time of year, forest officials said mountain lion sightings do too. District Ranger Stan Helin along with Arizona Game and Fish wants everyone to be prepared before hitting the trails.

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Cats, Big and Small, Roam the Tucson Mountains

University of Arizona | 2010-10-22

For the first time, mountain lions and bobcats have been photographed as part of an in-depth monitoring study in the Tucson Mountains, a small island of habitat facing increasing segregation from surrounding natural areas because of urban sprawl and road construction.

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At wildlife refuge, 2 native species fight it out

AZCentral | 2010-07-19

State and federal authorities and environmental groups have fought for several years over a rule that sentences mountain lions to death if they kill too many sheep. In forcing people to intervene and make difficult choices, the dispute adds new layers to the debate over preserving native species.

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Gilbert residents report seeing mountain lion in neighborhoods | 2010-06-24

Three Gilbert residents have reported seeing a mountain lion four times in a local neighborhood since the end of May.

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Wildlife officers kill lion after report of Walker attack

Daily Courier | 2010-06-14

Arizona Game and Fish Department officials killed a mountain lion Friday near the home where a Walker resident said a lion attacked him Sunday.

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Prescott man reportedly attacked by mountain lion | 2010-06-09

Authorities have called off the search for a mountain lion suspected of attacking a Prescott man on Sunday night.

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Mountain lion suspected in attack found, killed

Verde Independent | 2010-06-16

The Arizona Game and Fish Department found and killed a mountain lion in the direct vicinity of a suspected attack involving a Prescott-area man on Sunday night.

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Mountain lion management plan angers conservationists

Yuma Sun | 2010-06-01

Ecologists and conservationists are calling the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's new mountain lion management plan a way to continue killing rare desert lions so it can manage the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge as a bighorn sheep game farm.

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Refuge plan for lions, sheep complete

Yuma Sun | 2010-05-24

Under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's new mountain lion management plan, when the bighorn sheep population on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge is above 800, if a mountain lion kills two or more bighorn sheep within a six-month period, it won't have to be lethally removed from the refuge

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Mountain lion sighting in Arizona

KOLD News 13 | 2010-01-05

There are more reports this morning of mountain lion sightings in the Phoenix area.

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House OKs bills to protect hunting, alter nominations to wildlife panel

Arizona Daily Star | 2010-03-30

Patterson also said he believes the system HB 2189 would set up is skewed, saying the screening panel members who would represent hunting would come "mostly from the side of trophy hunting, less emphasis on habitat protection."

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Group asks court to stop lion trapping

Yuma Sun | 2009-12-14

The Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity filed briefs last week in federal court seeking to prevent the Arizona Game and Fish Department from trapping mountain lions in areas where jaguars have been known to reside.

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Arizona Cougar Shooting Plan Misguided

PEER Press Release -Daniel Patterson & Kirsten Stade | 2009-10-08

Federal and state agencies are on the verge of biological malpractice in their plans to continue “lethal removals” of a small, shrinking cougar population based in Arizona’s Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, according to comments filed by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

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Shorter cougar-hunting season to be restudied

Tony Davis - Arizona Daily Star | 2009-09-14

The emotional, divisive conflict over the length of the mountain-lion-hunting season is clearly not over, two years after a unanimous Arizona Game and Fish Commission vote to cut it from year-round to nine months.

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Predatory mountain lion killed

Predatory mountain lion killed | 0000-00-00

State game officials killed another collared mountain lion that they say has been preying on bighorn sheep in the Kofa Mountains Complex Predation Management Area.

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Should Arizona sell sheep tags to lions?

Emily | 2009-08-27

That's right, the Kofa offers a "once in a lifetime sheep hunt" according to AGFD who has separated the Kofa into 3 Game Management Units, and sells tags for each one. The hunter success rate has averaged 89% over the last 20 years. So, just to recap, the message AGFD is sending is: A) You have the right to kill protected sheep as long as you pay a fee to the state, and 2) It's okay for humans to kill sheep for fun, but not for lions to kill sheep for subsistence.

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Random Arizona Diamondbacks Notes Next Story Critical bighorn sheep population continues to strugg | 2009-08-24

Feds seek comment on draft EA; proposed action will allow needed management

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Mountain lion spotted in Hunter Creek area

Mikey Marazza - Payson Roundup | 2009-06-29

A mountain lion has been spotted in Hunter Creek. Jo Armistead has heard the cat over the last two weeks and Ralph and Dottie Christofferson said every morning it wakes them up below their home making an awful sound.

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Arizona Game and Fish collars first wild jaguar in United States

Arizona Game and Fish Press Release | 2009-02-19

Jaguar conservation has just experienced an exciting development with the capture and collaring of the first wild jaguar in Arizona by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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AZ Game & Fish bill way over the top on commissioners

The Arizona Republic | 2009-02-23

A proposal at the Legislature would make it harder to become a member of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission than governor.

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