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Cougars In The News

Current and Archived news about cougars.

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Stop Killing Wildlife in Boulder

Marc Bekoff | 2012-08-31

Marc Bekoff speaks out against the recent killing of a cougar in Boulder.

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Four Cougars Seen in Missouri Came from Three States.

Jim Low | 2012-05-23

DNA shows that dispersing cougars that reached Missouri came from three different states.

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Mountain Lion Spotted In Wheat Ridge

CBS Denver | 2011-05-24

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4)- Police in Wheat Ridge and the Department of Wildlife are investigating a mountain lion sighting. Two girls reported seeing the wild cat while walking their dog near Prospect Park at 44th and Robb Street.

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From bounty-hunting to co-existing with cougars

Daily Camera | 2011-03-01

Baron will speak about the changing relationship between people and mountain lions at the Erie Community Library on Thursday, March 10, at 7 p.m.

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Domestic cat killed by young mountain lion in south Glenwood

Post Independent | 2011-02-28

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — A mountain lion kitten killed and ate a house cat Saturday morning in the Park East subdivision, according to Kevin Wright, district wildlife manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

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Mountain lion spotted near Aspen

Aspen Daily News Online | 2011-01-28

A mountain lion was spotted on the Rio Grande Trail near Aspen on Tuesday, Pitkin County Open Space rangers report.

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In Colorado, Hunting Mountain Lions to Help Desert Bighorns

New West Travel & Outdoors | 2011-01-14

Wildlife officers are trying to help a herd of bighorn sheep in Colorado's Big Gypsum Valley for the third time since 1990. This time, officers will increase the herd’s odds by hunting any mountain lions that kill a sheep

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Critter cams capture menagerie of Boulder County wildlife

Daily Camera | 2011-01-03

In the few months since 40 motion-activated cameras were spread out across the undeveloped lands west of Boulder and around Lyons, thousands of these kinds of pictures have been taken, giving a glimpse into a world of wildlife rarely seen by people.

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Mountain lion numbers holding steady

Bismarck Tribune | 2010-12-17

The most recent mountain lion killed in North Dakota is not necessarily an indication of a growing population in the state.

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Dog killed by mountain lion near New Castle

Post Independent | 2010-12-03

Residents of Western Colorado know the dangers that exist when wildlife, such as black bears and mountain lions, and family pets meet.

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Mountain Lion Killed By Car

abc 7 Denver | 2010-11-28

SNOWMASS, Colo. -- A mountain lion had to be put down after it was hit by a car early Friday morning.

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Mountain Lion, 2 Cubs Captured In Golden Neighborhood

abc 7 Denver | 2010-11-29

Wildlife officers tranquilized and relocated a mother mountain lion and two cubs Sunday that had become too comfortable living in a Golden neighborhood.

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Tagged mountain lion killed by car in Boulder County

Daily Camera | 2010-11-09

A mountain lion was killed by a car on North Foothills Highway on Friday night.

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A rare sighting captures photographer's attention | 2010-11-01

There's a lot to see here in Colorado. Sometimes you just need to know where to look.

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Teen Attacked By Mountain Lion - Colorado | 2010-10-19

Kendra Rutter was attacked by a mountain lion when she pulled off a rural road to check on a car problem. The attack happened on County Road 51 in Divide.

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Man Cornered By Mountain Lions | 2010-09-28

It was a close call with wild animals Monday afternoon. Matt Chaparro said he was cornered by two mountain lions on the west side of Colorado Springs.

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Biologists use GPS to track mountain lion

Colorado - Fox 21 | 2010-06-25

A state biologist said a mountain lion from Colorado strolled through parts of Kansas this spring.

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Mountain Lion Safety Video

Colorado Division of Wildlife | 2010-04-22

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Mountain lions showing up in urban areas

9 NEWS Denver | 2010-04-12

In the last few months, we've received a number of news tips from our viewers telling us about mountain lion sightings in urban areas.

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Big cats come and go

High Country News | 2010-04-06

In early March, a mountain lion chased a Jack Russell terrier into a house near Salida, Colo., surprising a woman and her five-year-old son, who sat coloring with crayons at the kitchen table.

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VIDEO -The Mine-Shaft Lion

Hunting with Andrew McKean | 2010-03-31

You’re chasing a 180-pound mountain lion, but instead of sticking in the tree, growling at the baying hounds beneath him, the tom leaps from the pine and bounds over the hill.

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Cat trackers sniff out the truth

Denver Post | 2010-04-01

For Colorado mountain lion AM06, every day is like "The Truman Show" for felines — the authorities are always watching. A satellite signal snaps his exact location every three hours as he wanders his 230-square-mile territory from Nederland to Lyons.

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Mountain Lion encounters can be exciting and risky - Cheyenne | 2010-04-02

lthough rare, you may have the fortune (or misfortune) to run into a big catůMountain Lion. Now and then we hear in the news that someone may have lost a pet from their yard or a Cougar has been spotted in the neighborhood.

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Lion tests negative for disease

The Mountain Mail | 2010-03-23

Test results were negative for rabies in the a young male mountain lion that entered a home about nine miles northwest of Salida March 4 killing one dog and injuring three others.

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Colrado State University says 21 people were exposed to plague from dead mountain lion

Denver Post | 2010-03-08

Several Colorado State University veterinary students, eager to see a dead mountain lion, were exposed to the plague in November, as were employees of the school's new Diagnostic Medicine Center. No one got sick as a result of the exposure. But the incident did reveal gaps in health-insurance coverage for vet students and in procedures for dealing with plague-infected wildlife at the $42 million center, school officials say.

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Mountain lion euthanized after invading Chaffee County home

Montrose Daily Press | 2010-03-06

An apparently malnourished young mountain lion entered a Chaffee County residence Thursday afternoon, killing one dog and briefly trapping a mother and her two children inside the house until sheriff's deputies evacuated them, reports the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

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Hunter Shoots Mountain Lion Believed To Have Attacked Family Pet - Lion Said To Be Famished, In Poor

7 news ABC | 2010-01-19

A hunter shot a mountain lion believed to have mauled a family dog near Lake City, Colo.

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Mountain lions drag off family dog

The Gazette - Colorado Springs | 2010-01-18

Scamp was a yappy little dog, a beloved family pet that had seemed paranoid lately.

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Mountain lion sedated, relocated from Boulder's Uni Hill

Daily Camera - Boulder, CO | 2010-01-07

The Colorado Division of Wildlife sedated and removed a juvenile mountain lion from Boulder's University Hill neighborhood on Wednesday morning.

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Major Southwest Exhibit Explores Relationship Between Elusive Creature & Humans

Capital Wire PR - Colorado | 2009-11-25

The Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, in conjunction with the San Juan Mountains Association, the Southern Ute Tribe, and Durango Nature Studies, have partnered with Sorrel Sky Gallery to open a major exhibit entitled Mountain Lion!

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Lion Season to Open Again on Uncompahgre Plateau

Colorado Division of WIldlife Press Release | 2009-11-03

For the first time since 2004, hunting season for mountain lions will open again this year in a special study area west of Montrose.

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Limited lion season to open on plateau

Katharhynn Heidelberg - Montrose Daily Press, CO | 2009-11-02

Five years ago, the Division of Wildlife launched a study into mountain lion population dynamics on the Uncompahgre Plateau. It’s now launching the second phase, a “treatment” period, which will allow limited hunting in the study area and, researchers hope, provide state-specific data concerning assumptions about lion populations in Colorado.

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Cougar hunt to open in Colorado area that has been off-limits since 2004

Kelly Burgess -Los Angeles Times | 2009-11-03

An area of western Colorado that has been off-limits to mountain lion hunting since 2004 will open for a limited season beginning in mid-November. The hunting season on a portion of the Uncompahgre Plateau will open Nov. 16 and run through Jan. 31, unless the quota of eight cougars is reached before then

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Man meets mountain lion on Howelsen

John F. Russell, Steamboat Pilot & Today, CO | 2009-09-30

Mountain bike rider Dave Dietrich wasn’t sure how he should feel Monday evening after coming across a full-grown mountain lion on Emerald Mountain.

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Police spot mountain lion in east Colorado Springs

Maria St. Louis-Sanchez - Colorado Springs Gazette | 2009-09-24

Two Colorado Springs police officers spotted a mountain lion darting through a shopping center and into an apartment complex early today.

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DOW officials give advice on keeping animals off property

MELINDA MAWDSLEY/The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel | 2009-08-25

Conflict between wild animals and humans may not be as big a problem in the Grand Valley as it is in neighboring, more mountainous communities, but problems still exist

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Mountain lion captured in eastern part of Denver metro ar

The Denver Post | 2009-08-17

A mountain lion on the far east edge of the metro region was tranquilized in a mobile home park shed this morning.

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DOW kills mountain lion near school

Jason Gonzales - Durango Herald News | 2009-08-07

Colorado Department of Wildlife officials killed a mountain lion at Park Elementary School on Monday morning after a woman in the neighborhood called police.

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Man shoots, kills mountain lion in backyard

9NEWS NBC - Colorado | 2009-06-03

BOULDER - A man shot and killed a mountain lion on Sunday after it attacked his dog, according to a report in Boulder's Daily Camera.

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Lion trapped, relocated from north Boulder neighborhood

Jean Spencer | 2009-06-18

Wildlife officials: Young cougar killed house cat but did not pose public safety risk

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Students Track Mountain Lions As Class Project

Paul Day | 2009-03-18

Madeline is one of ten, bright students from Estes Park that are partnering with the Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy to study Colorado's top predator, the mountain lion.

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You May Be Attracting Mountain Lions to Your Property


Colorado’s abundant wildlife is often cited by residents as one of the things they like best about living here. During the mid and late 20th century, Colorado’s growth brought people in closer contact with deer, elk, and other wildlife species, to the delight of a new generation of wildlife watchers.

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Mother mountain lion captured, reunited with kitten

Heath Urie, Colorado Daily | 2009-02-13

BOULDER, Colo. — A mother mountain lion was captured overnight Wednesday and reunited with her kitten, which was caught a day earlier while stuck in a tree in Boulder’s Newlands neighborhood.

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