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Cougars In The News

Current and Archived news about cougars.

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Cougar-hunting effort ends without Senate vote

Mail Tribune | 2011-05-26

A bill seeking to reintroduce some sport-hunting of cougars with hounds has died a quiet death in the Oregon Senate after getting an easy nod in the House, ending the latest effort to return a practice banned by voters 17 years ago.

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Injured cougar killed near Prineville

The Observer | 2010-01-21

An injured cougar was killed by a reserve Crook County sheriff's deputy who found in near a Prineville-area home.

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Oregon Zoo sends twin orphaned cougar cubs to a new home

Oregon | 2010-10-26

The Oregon Zoo this week shipped off two orphaned cougar cubs to a new permanent home at the Western North Carolina Nature Center. The 10-week-old cubs, brothers, bring to six the number of orphaned cougars the zoo has cared for in a little over a year.

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ODFW biologists capture, kill young cougar in Corvallis

Oregon | 2010-09-23

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials trapped and killed a cougar in Corvallis, an incident officials say highlights the growing presence of the large cat in the area.

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Oregon House to hear report on cougar control

Mail Tribune | 2010-09-20

Oregon legislators will hear Tuesday how wildlife experts from across the West either laud or loathe the state's much-maligned study in which agents killed 101 cougars to test whether it would improve elk herds and reduce human-safety complaints and livestock damage.

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Cougar kill puts north Ashland on alert

Mail Tribune | 2010-09-15

A cougar killed a lamb 10 feet from the back door of a home at the edge of the city limits, leading Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife officials to warn residents around the railroad trestle on North Main Street that they should watch their animals and put up a loud human presence.

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Benton County poultry farmer kills cougar

Statesman Journal | 2010-09-07

A Benton County man says a neighbor has shot and killed a young cougar prowling around poultry pens.

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Roseburg's cougar sightings prompt reactions

NR Today | 2010-08-25

Two young men who come to Gaddis Park almost every day seemed unfazed Thursday to hear a cougar has been spotted near the park, which is in the middle of Roseburg.

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Rep: Relax dog ban for cougar hunting?

Democrat Herald | 2010-08-18

The mid-valley’s cougar population seems to be exploding, and state Rep. Sherrie Sprenger says relaxing the ban on hunting the big cats with dogs ought to be considered.

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6 Cougars Caught on Single Farm In 2 Months

KEZI nbc 9 Oregon | 2010-08-16

Up to 75 sheep roam the 280-plus acres on a Brownsville farm.

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Fifth cougar killed on sheep ranch

Democrat Herald | 2010-08-04

For the fifth time in two months, a cougar has been trapped and killed on a sheep ranch east of town.

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Grants Pass man kills cougar eating goat

Statesman Journal | 2010-07-23

Bryan Bergquist told the Grants Pass Daily Courier that after his grandchildren reported a dead goat on the neighbor’s property and he later heard a neighbor’s mule making a commotion Tuesday night, he drove to town to get bullets for his rifle.

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Trooper Kills Cougar Impaled On Fence

Fox 12 Oregon | 2010-06-28

An Oregon State Police trooper shot an killed a cougar that was caught on a fence at a residence near Fern Ridge Lake, west of Eugene.

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La Pine residents react to deadly cougar attack

KTVZ Oregon | 2010-03-09

A cougar attacked a horse in La Pine over the weekend, causing injuries so severe, she had to be put down. But the troubling part, residents say, is where officials believe the big cats are calling home.

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Oregon's cougar problem is bad, getting worse

Gazette Times | 2010-03-02

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Orphaned Lane County cougar cubs heading to new homes

Katy Muldoon, The Oregonian | 2009-12-18

The cougar approached. The homeowner fired. And that's the short explanation for why two strikingly elegant cougar cubs, dark spots accenting their golden coats, ended up at the Oregon Zoo over the past week and a half.

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Oregon cougar hunting plan draws protests

AP - Brad Cain | 2009-10-12

Wildlife advocates are protesting the state's move to expand a program to hunt cougars to reduce conflicts with livestock, big game, people and pets.

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Hunting for the right result - ODFW cougar killing study falls short, raising questions about its mo

Mail Tribune - Southern Oregon | 2009-10-08

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife made the right decision in dropping a controversial cougar study in Southern Oregon, but not before giving itself an unnecessary black eye.

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Controversial cougar study comes to end

Mark Freeman - Mail Tribune OR | 2009-09-25

State wildlife biologists say they will abandon a three-year-old study that failed to show that killing cougars in Jackson County curbs livestock losses and human-safety complaints involving large predators.

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Three cougar sightings in three days near Keno

KTVL | 2009-08-27

Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife have received information of three cougar sightings in the last three days in a Keno area neighborhood southwest of Klamath Falls.

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Bend teen may not have seen cougar, but issue remains

Nina Mehlhaf, KTVZ.COM Oregon | 2009-06-29

Some homeowners are taking precautions after a Bend teen thought he saw a cougar Thursday afternoon in the northeast part of town.

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Dogs help Oregon couple fend off cougar attack

By Associated Press | 2009-06-26

COVE, Ore. (AP) — The first camping trip of the season for a Cove couple turned into an encounter with a cougar that ended with dogs and people teaming up to send the big cat into retreat.

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Dogs help Oregon couple fend off cougar attack

COVE, Ore. (AP) | 2009-06-26

The first camping trip of the season for a Cove couple turned into an encounter with a cougar that ended with dogs and people teaming up to send the big cat into retreat.

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Buckley wants ODFW answers on cougar study

Mark Freeman | 2009-03-18

Rep. Peter Buckley wants the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to justify, both scientifically and fiscally, its killing of cougars as part of a study on whether thinning predator numbers can reduce human-safety conflicts and livestock damage.

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Big Cat Kill Still Gets Big Bucks


A week after Oregon lawmakers voted to reduce funding for education and social service programs, the conservation advocacy group Big Wildlife wonders why a plan to kill 2,000 cougars is still fully funded.

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Bill would require ODFW to play bigger role in wildlife protection

Amy Sienicki | 2009-03-09

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to develop and implement a program to help farmers and ranchers reduce conflict between people and wildlife through non-deadly means.

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Authorities shoot, kill cougar in downtown Ashland, Ore.

AP, The Seattle Times | 2009-02-07

Oregon State Police say officers have shot and killed a cougar in downtown Ashland because of public safety concerns.

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