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The Cougar Fund Newsletters

Download Cougar Fund newsletters.


We are currently in the process of gathering pdf's of our newsletters. Below are just a few. Thank you for your patience!

Download Newsletter Fall 2012

Newsletter Fall 2012 - 1.4MB
Read about a chance encounter of an individual with a cougar, findings of a study of sport hunting on a cougar population, the late author Jean Craighead George, and exerpts from "Phantoms of the Prairie" by John Laundré.

Download Newsletter Spring 2012

Newsletter Spring 2012 - 2.7MB
Read about The Cougar Fund's anti-cougar-hunting stance, see pictures from the first Cougar Posse, and learn about research on cougars in Jackson Hole.

Download Newsletter Fall 2011

Newsletter Fall 2011 - 1.4MB
Read about the truths about cougars, Washington's targetting of cougars, the film "American Cougar", noninvasive genetic sampling, and the start of Cougar Posse.

Download Newsletter Summer 2008

Newsletter Summer 2008 - 1.3MB
Read about the state of management of cougars in Washington, the Chicago cougar, orphaned kittens, cougar researcher Toni Ruth, and the book Listening to Cougar.

Download Newsletter Winter 2007-2008

Newsletter Winter 2007-2008 - 573.6KB
Read about the a photographer's view of a cougar, South Dakota's plan to increase its cougar hunt quota, Rocky Spencer's work for cougars with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and how landscape ecology can help cougars.

Download Newsletter 2003

Newsletter 2003 - 609.5KB
Welcome to The Cougar Fund's first newsletter! Read about our planned events, habitat preservation, educational programs, artist Clayton LeFevre, cougar management, and cougars in Wyoming and Colorado.