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Wild Encounter: Pumas of Patagonia

In April of 2014, our co-founder and renowned wildlife photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen traveled to Patagonia to photograph wild pumas. Join him on this "Wild Encounter" with the greatest cat of the Americas!

Footage © Thomas D. Mangelsen

  • Kittens Gone Wild

    During the late winter of 1999, Tom Mangelsen photographed and filmed a mother cougar and her three kittens outside Jackson, WY. This video includes rare footage of wild cougar kittens interacting with each other and their surroundings. (Footage © Thomas D. Mangelsen; video produced by Fusionspark Media, inc.)


    Kittens Gone Wild

  • What does sport hunting really look like?

    An excerpt from "Spirit of the Rockies: The Mountain Lions of Jackson Hole" / a film by Cara Blessley Lowe.

    Warning: This video contains footage of a real cougar hunt in which a cougar is shot and killed by a sport hunter. Please view before sharing with children.


    What does sport hunting really look like?