40-lb cougar killed in Nebraska

A young male cougar weighing about 40 pounds was shot and killed this week near Whiteclay, Nebraska. According to the Nebraska Game and Parks report, a homeowner heard growling coming from underneath his porch while working outside. After apparently trying unsuccessfully to get the young lion to leave, the man decided to shoot it. Game and Parks estimates that the cat was likely only 4 or 5 months where can i buy valtrex online old.

This incident raises the question: What was such a young cat doing on its own? And so near to people? While we don’t have all the facts yet (and we might never know all the circumstances that led to this situation), we do wonder if this is the result of 11 female lions being killed last year in Nebraska…

Full story: http://nebraskaradionetwork.com/2015/03/12/young-male-cougar-killed-by-western-nebraska-homeowner/