Conflict Prevention & Coexistence

Many individuals and some agencies still feel that the key to preventing conflict and keeping people safe is to hunt cougars and other large carnivores in order to “control” their numbers and distribution. However, there is a considerable body of scientific evidence that suggests killing these predators – particularly cougars and wolves – does little to reduce (and in some cases may actually increase) the incidence rate of conflict with people, pets, and livestock.


A livestock guardian dog (LGD) looks after a flock of sheep (The Grazerie).

That is why some individuals and agencies across the country are actively researching, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of non-lethal methods of preventing conflict such as fladry, livestock guardian dogs, and range riders. We believe that it is incredibly important to promote these initiatives, and will continue to share information about non-lethal deterrents and conflict prevention in this space. We can coexist.

(If you are aware of a conflict prevention initiative that is not listed here, please contact us. If you are looking for information on how to stay safe when living or recreating in cougar country, please take a look at our Living With Cougars resources.)


What to do if you find yourself in ‘guard dog country’


Predator Friendly Farms & Ranches

The Grazerie (Alberta)

Old Creek Ranch (CA)

Rutherford Wine Company (CA)

Lava Lake Lamb (ID)

Wood River Wolf Project (ID)

One Acre Farm (MA)

Alpacas of Montana (MT)

Happy Hollow Farm (MT)

Montana Highland Lamb (MT)

The Rodear Initiative (MT)

Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company (MT)

Willow Spring Ranch (MT)

Fulton Farm (NE)

Wildhood Farm (NM)

Living Earth Farm (OR)

Springwater Trees / Richards Farms (OR)

Brookfield Farm (WA)

Predator Friendly Certification


If you are a predator friendly producer and would like to be featured on our website, please contact us.

Are You Coexisting with Predators?

Whether you are a livestock producer or an individual living in the urban-wildland interface, we’d love to hear your experience of coexisting with cougars and other large carnivores. We will happily share (with your permission) your stories and photos on our blog!


A black bear visits a moose carcass near Jackson, WY

A black bear visits a moose carcass near Jackson, WY