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The Cougar Fund has created Cougar Posse with the help of our partners Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) and Craighead Beringia South (a non-profit research organization currently studying cougars in Jackson Hole).

Cougar Posse follows the curriculum of FGCU’s highly successful Panther Posse program in the context of western habitat.

The program teaches fourth grade children about cougars and their importance in the ecosystem, kittens, research, water conservation, natural history, and the other wildlife that share the cougar’s habitat using science, math, spelling, and music, and requires each student to educate two others.

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Students engaged in Cougar Posse

The students spend a half-day in “the classroom” at the base camp of City Kids Wilderness Project– the Broken Arrow Ranch- and another half-day in the field.

The children also can i buy valtrex at cvs collect coins to purchase remote cameras to be used by researchers and the photos from these are shared with the classes.

This program is currently offered at no expense to children in Teton County, Wyoming, and we hope to expand the program to other areas of the United States in and near cougar habitat.

Please contact us for further information.

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A student carries out an experiment

To read more about the creation of Cougar Posse and the collaboration of Florida Gulf Coast University, The Cougar Fund, and Craighead Beringia South, read this fantastic article in FGCU’s Pinnacle magazine!

For more information on Panther Posse please click here: Panther Posse.


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