Hound hunting to begin outside of Black Hills on March 2

The rule to allow hound hunting on private lands outside of the Black Hills that was adopted by the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission on January 15 will go into effect on March 2. The rule has been filed with the South Dakota Secretary of State’s office.

In response to a perceived increase in mountain lion sightings and activity in the Prairie, a group of houndsmen and agricultural producers in South Dakota floated the idea of allowing get valtrex prescription hounds to hunt lions outside of the Black Hills in late 2014. The idea was quickly transformed into a proposal, and adopted at the Commission meeting on January 15, 2015. We strongly opposed this rule change, as there was simply no need for it. SDGFP already has an adequate system in place to respond to conflict, and in general, conflicts remain extremely rare.


To read our comment on SDGFP’s proposal, click here.