IDFG comes out swinging.

The following press release from the Director of Idaho Fish and Game illustrates perfectly how easy it has become for public servants to insult non-governmental organizations that disagree with them. Yes, they should be able to correct misinformation in a positive and cordial manner, but the fact that it is ONLY advocates that receive this vitriol is unacceptable. The marginalization of non-consumptive users is as prevalent in the west as sagebrush. Contempt for opinions other than the status quo is rampant from state  agencies. They are tasked with caring for wildlife for ALL constituents. Every where to buy valtrex generic aspect of society has its extremes. This may come in the form of exaggerated or even fantasy depredation numbers or unethical hunting practices. Such incidents do not receive anything less than respectful mentions by agency members in the media. Perhaps it is time for the agencies to actually communicate with everyone, whatever their interest. Humans are the only animal that can make the decisions that will conserve our wildlife and wild lands. Let us try and do that TOGETHER.

OP_ED_ Idaho’s Wildlife Professionals To Advocacy Groups_ Stop Crying Wolf (2)