Off-leash dog in Colorado stumbles upon cougar cache

Off-leash and uncontrolled dogs chasing wildlife is a problem everywhere, but recently, there have been a rash of serious incidents in Colorado. According to the Journal-Advocate, one such incident in the Gunnison area involved an off-leash dog that ran away from it’s owner, only to bump into a territorial cougar. The cougar chased the dog and injured it, before the dog owner was able to scare the big cat away.

In the winter, wild animals can hardly afford to spare the calories, and being chased by a domestic dog is a situation that rarely ends well for any party involved. Controlling your pet will keep you, your pet, and wild animals safe – it’s a win-win-win solution. Failure to do so can often have serious repercussions (citations, fines, and sometimes, injury or death). In some states, wildlife managers can legally shoot a pet that is harassing wildlife.

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