Possible cougar sighting in North San Diego county

California is a state which provides huge challenges to Mountain Lions in the form of rapid and seemingly endless human development that encroaches on habitat and fragments connectivity possibilities. However the people of California spoke up and limited the challenges from sport hunting (killing purely for recreation). The electorate realized that random culling of cougars was not a method of preventing conflict, just an opportunity for a minority to seek trophies in the form of rugs, wall hangings or mounts. This does not mean that mountain lions have free rein in California. The Department of Fish and Wildlife still has the discretion to ‘manage’ lions buy valtrex walmart that may pose a threat to humans, pets or livestock. This proactive and responsive attitude has led to cultural changes where even the media seems to respect the ‘lack of a story’ that now comes with sightings. It seems that most Californians are taking practical co-existence in their stride-modifying their own behaviors and taking responsibility for minimizing the risks of negative encounters. The words that accompany this news release about a cougar sighting in North San Diego county are understated and do not incite panic even though the picture of the cruisers implies a little more adrenalin based reaction¬†than usually comes out of California.