Ranchers like this need our respect and encouragement

It is rare for a news story to be as fair and positive as this one, that is because in our ‘follow the money’ society, fair and positive does not sell many newspapers. That makes Mr and Mrs Robinett unique, not only for being newsworthy but because it is people like this, people that live from the land, people who produce livestock, who suffer losses and get right back up to face another day, another challenge–these are the people who will defuse the¬†runaway vitriol, the hate, the accusations and the aggression.

An article like this can do more for peaceful buy generic valtrex canada co-existence on lands where wild meets mild, than any group, than any lawsuit, than any politician.

There is no advocacy that can convince people, like Jon and Debbie, to learn to live with wolves. They come from a place of wisdom, of learning that you do not have to kill to survive. You can choose to adapt, to celebrate your livelihood within the challenges of the natural world instead of succumbing to destruction.

Progress is evident when good and caring folk move forward. Jon and Debbie Robinett are leading the way.