There is currently an open season on cougars in Texas. Texas Parks & Wildlife do not have population estimates and rely on sighting, whether verified or unverified. The state claims that the population of cougars in Texas is steadily increasing, despite the loss of habitat and fragmentation that is occurring throughout the state.

Long-term effective population size for cougars in Texas was estimated to be 5,607 animals using ecological niche modeling to estimate distribution.

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  • The 1800’s are long behind us although you may think otherwise if you read this article

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    A "varmint" killing contest is set to go forward in Texas. Eligible "varmints" include mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, red fox and gray fox with a five fox limit.

  • Proceedings of the 11th Mountain Lion Workshop

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    Proceedings of the 11th Mountain Lion Workshop
    Integrating Scientific Findings into Management
    Hunter Conference Center, Southern Utah University
    Cedar City, Utah
    May 12‐15, 2014

  • Integrating Values and Ethics into Wildlife Policy and Management—Lessons from North America

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    Fox and Bekoff (2011)

    Abstract: Few animals provoke as wide a range of emotions as wolves. Some see wolves as icons of a lost wilderness; others see them as intruders. As the battle continues between wolf proponents and opponents, finding solutions that resolve conflicts while supporting the integrity of nature is challenging. In this essay we argue that we need to make room for wolves and other native carnivores who are re-colonizing areas from which they were extirpated. Strategies that foster coexistence are necessary and wildlife agencies must consider all stakeholders and invest adequate resources to inform the public about how to mitigate conflicts between people/domestic animals, and predators. Values and ethics must be woven into wildlife policy and management and we must be willing to ask difficult ethical questions and learn from past mistakes.