Thank you Governor Steve Bullock of Montana!!!

Governor Bullock has vetoed SB 334, which would have redefined furbearers as game animals in a ploy to seek protection under the right to hunt, rather than to trap, which is not covered  by Mont. Const., Art. IX, §7.

Montana has been at the forefront of wildlife management policies and politics for decades. From shipping surplus elk across the nation in 1913 to the ‘wolf wars’ of the 2000’s, passion has always run high in the stakeholder groups that are served by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP). FWP has one of the better records for being responsive to public insight. While still buy real valtrex online predominantly associated with consumptive users and livestock growers, the state agency representatives have been willing to listen to many different participants in their management of Montana’s wildlife.

Governor Steve Bullock has shown that this pragmatic and broadranging acknowledgement of the diversity of stakeholders has reached the highest office.

Thank you for protecting Montana’s heritage and for preventing the circumvention of the democratic process that was seen in the resurrection of SB 334. Governor Bullock’s letter explaining his veto can be read here.

Congratulations to the people and groups that worked so hard to honor democracy and protect wildlife from the expansion of exploitative initiatives.